10 Budget Friendly Party to attend in Bangalore

Who doesn’t love parties and grooving to the loud beats? Plus, if the reason is the “LAST DAYS” of the year! But bitterly, these last days bring stress on budget and as a result, the more we start enjoying the party music, the more our pocket gets loose. So there should be a solution to this budget headache and we should look out for some heart fulfilling parties that a common adult can afford and make the party days worth the occasion.

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Here are the best Budget Friendly party places in Bangalore.

New Year Camping

Bangalore Camping


If you love stars, if you love the sweet smell of camping, love the vibe that camps and bonfire give you! This is the best place for you. This party is just so affordable and magical under the blanket of stars. Just pamper yourself away from the city hypes and become a gypsy soul.

The Bollywood NYE

The Bollywood NYE

If you are a total filmy person and crave for Bollywood themes in every party you go to. Well, Bhagini Hotel offers you the perfect mate to your wish list. Price to the party is also just so friendly to your budget. Well, the place offers you Dhol, Punjabi and Hindi music, firecrackers that all just mess up your peace and makes your each nerve bounce to the beat.

Vivanta the big party

Vivanta by Taj

Vivanta by Taj, this name is so heard when we hear about the best hotels in India. This year, the host is offering two main parties for NYE

  • Los Angeles New Year Party
  • Ice Bar NYE

Casino, bar, drinks and just your music! This also provides an international touch by giving you dinner by the world.


  1. Harry Potter party


We have damn high fan rating of Harry Potter series in our country and since Hogwarts is just a virtual place, we want to visit a similar real one. Pebble, Palace Grounds offers all the Potterheads a magical night to celebrate and shout your heart out. Glimpse- theme, LED visuals, a bit expensive comparatively but still budget friendly.

Royal Orchid Hotel

Royal Orchid Hotel

This hotel has been ranked top in hosting the best parties till date. This year the place offers, Night in Paris 2019 to rock and roll. Twerk, move the belly and just hold hands together to welcome the new year.

Glimpse- listed performances, party, food.

The in-pageant party


Not a party animal? But need a party! We got you. This “the sunrise” party makes you feel so good besides the lake away from the city. This also includes Miss Karnataka event. You can boost up and enjoy the party vibes. So affordable and extraordinary, isn’t it?. The party takes place in Gavikal club and resort, Mudikere.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

You know that we can’t miss this place! Hard Rock Cafe can never miss out any party occasion. In spite, it just becomes the best every time. Every year this reputed party place makes it to the top and this year too the color theme is just so magical to attract the crowd to the party vibe. So just pick up your party outfit and take a chill pill! Be an overall freak in Hard Rock Cafe, MG Road, Bangalore.

The Nolimits

No Limits

You want an evening party to restore your energy to the 1st of 2019? This party is the best for you. This party is just an elephant in the crowd of these party lists. The NoLimmits lounge and club, Magrath Road offer you a down to earth party that starts at 7 pm and guarantees you fun even if you don’t love to dance. Tattoos, belly dancers and much more will excite you to some other extended for sure.

The Le Meridien Hotel

The Le Meridien Hotel

Oh! You just wore a dress that deserves a red carpet walk but you didn’t get a walk on it. Sad isn’t it but don’t worry. Here’s the end to this unfair play as the Le Meridien Hotel in Vasanth Nagar offers you just a highlight of an award function scenario. Just close your eyes and fill a bucket full of wishes! The host of the event ie. MJ group just bought your list into reality into this party.

4 DJ’s in one place

4 DJ’s in one place

DJ Sudipa, DJ Akshay, DJ Prithvi, and DJ Ricky, all are here to present you the cheapest and the best night, you’ll remember all your life. Your hopes and hearts will be high enough to not to dim shine any moment of this night at KTPO ground, Whitefield.

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