10 Small habits that can change your life!

We have been living a sedentary life till date but not now! Studies have shown that tiny habits in your daily life routine can greatly determine the way you lead your life and can also lead you to a much healthier and happier life.

So, let’s get started with these habits straightaway:


  1. Flush all the toxins from your body by drinking a big glass of water in the morning. If you don’t remember, then just put water in a glass the night before and keep on your table. The next day, it would be waiting for you (winks).
  2. Health is wealth! A habit which you must make a part of your daily routine is taking care of your health. Do exercise regularly and always keep a check on your eating habits. There is a famous say you just can’t ignore “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper and like an emperor after workout.
  3. Don’t sit for the whole day. Let your body stand up and stretch while it has been sitting for quite a long time. You and your body need some mental as well as physical break.
  4. Sit silently for quite some time every day to relax. It’s not meditation or something, just some silence around so that you can let your mind and heart go miles away in search of serenity and peace.
  5. Try to stay positive in stressful situations by repeating some success mantra which would calm you down and bring back into a normal mode.
  6. Before leaving office or wrapping your work, jot down what you have accomplished that day and what work couldn’t be completed. See those accomplishments the next day for motivation and the incomplete-work list for driving you to complete them.
  7. Call, text or mail any of your friends or family members daily for a hearty conversation and to be in touch with everyone. Also, login to your social media accounts for some more interactions with people whom you might not be knowing. Networking is all what you need right now.
  8. Train yourself to be a patient and a good listener. Listen carefully, think and then respond. Take time to respond. Don’t be in a hurry while signing any documents or replying to a mail.
  9. Stop and greet your neighbors. Create a friendly community and help others also to indulge in one. Make friends around your home too.
  10. Donate something to charity. Whether it be money, clothes or even toys at an orphanage. You can also go to old age homes to pay a visit and see the million dollar smiles on their face which would enlighten up your face and life both.

So, these are some of the small changes that can change and lead your life completely. Just an effort to implement them is all that you need.


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