14 Apps to Learn New Things Every day

At this time when there’s an urgent need to stay at home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you cannot just sit back and do nothing. This unwanted break that all of us have got can be turned into an opportunity to relieve your brain from everyday work stress and travel hectics. I have curated an engaging and interesting idea for you to make the best use of the quarantine period and do things that come out to be productive.

The idea is to try different learning applications to learn new things everyday and boost your knowledge and skills in the long run.

Here I have curated a list of 14 apps to learn new things every day. These apps will fill your mind with interesting stuff like inspirational ideas, vocabulary growth, knowledge and understanding about different concepts, etc.

These applications will help you to upgrade your knowledge and skills to grow in both your personal and professional lives. Learning new things will also give you inner peace and satisfaction. So try out these apps to prepare yourself for challenges in the future and change for better.


apps to learn new things every day

Udemy is a great application to learn a wide range of courses at affordable prices. It contains courses for people belonging to different domains like Banking and Finance, Marketing, Business, Design, and much more.

Udemy, the application enables you to select your desired course or subject so that you concentrate particularly on the specified discipline. This helps you to get benefits of doing specialization in a certain subject rather than taking a streamlined approach.

The application offers a variety of free courses. You can explore them and pick out the best to boost your learning in the given field.

Udemy is quite user-friendly. It will offer you everything and allow you to choose what you like. So this way, Udemy offers great flexibility to the visitors. Anyone can explore the portal to look for their desired content. However, if you try the app, initially you can pick up courses that have more positive feedback as it is always good to check reviews.


apps to learn new things every day

Coursera is another amazing application to learn new things every day. It helps you to work on your negotiation skills. The content and concept of the app are very unique and interesting to go ahead with. Negotiation skills are important to learn and master as you need them throughout your life.

Whether it is the time of discussion of your salary package when you are selected for a job or the time when you demand a hike for good performance, negotiation skills are must to acquire.

Coursera will help you to improve your negotiation abilities by taking the 8 hours duration course. It contains six different lectures on the significance of negotiation in your life.

Solo Learn

apps to learn new things every day

Solo Learn is an amazing application to boost your programming skills. The application can support multiple programming languages like C++, Java, and HTML. It gives a great exposure to people who use it to get trained in advanced programming languages.

You can try the application online. Start with their free exercises to get an idea about the app and boost your knowledge along with skill set.


You can use Dictionary.com to learn about new words and their meanings. The portal is not simply a dictionary, it is much more. It can enhance your vocabulary with its everyday ‘word of the day’ feature. You can also check for popular words that are being searched by different people. If you are an avid reader or writer, it is a great app to use. You can enhance your knowledge, vocabulary, and language skills using the app.

Amazon Kindle

Apps to Learn New Things Every day

Amazon Kindle is a popular app for learning new things. It contains an enormous amount of content in the form of e-books. The e-books deal with different genres like motivation, romance, textbooks, curriculum, and much more. The best part of installing this app on your mobile is to freely access the quality content available on the portal.

You can enjoy the content at low cost, anytime, and anywhere while sitting at the place of your comfort. The application supports free learning and this is a great encouragement for people to try it to develop skills. You can download the content available on Amazon Kindle with just one click. The e-books will be downloaded quickly and won’t take up much space in your device.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

Skillshare is one of the best portals to learn important business and technical skills and boost your abilities. It contains a variety of courses available for people. The application works on a premium subscription basis. To use the app to watch your preferred choice of courses, you need to pay a few bucks of money at once.

The subscription will give you access to use the portal for several months or years to come, depending on your subscription plan. The app is a good source to enhance your skills and become more productive.

Learning these skills can help you greatly in your future projects too. So even if you don’t need to learn and develop your skills now, do give Skillshare a try to enhance your knowledge and be ready for your future career goals. However, the application won’t give you any certification on the completion of any training.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

FutureLearn is an educational platform that offers you the opportunity to learn from tutors all over the world. It is a great tool for people who are hungry for knowledge and have a zeal to learn from the best. The application is a free platform that provides you the chance to develop and boost your skills in different fields like politics, business, digital marketing, social life, and psychology.

While using the app, you can directly learn from qualified teachers and mentors who are sitting around in different parts of the world. Try the application to make good use of the quarantine instead of wasting it doing the usual stuff.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

The application Daily Art shows a new piece of artwork every single day. The art is shown along with the explanation. You can check out the artworks to gain knowledge about different things, events, and incidents that happened in the past. It will boost your skills and intellectual behavior as you will learn about several facts.

Using the app, you can also check the artworks that were shown previously. If they interest you, save them in your phone gallery to keep a record of it.

The application is currently available for iOS and Android users. It will be launched on Windows too. You can buy a free or paid version as you wish.

LinkedIn Learning

Apps to Learn New Things Every day

If you are working as an employee in an organization and especially, in the corporate world, then you must be having a profile made on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular platform that is used greatly by professionals. The application is not only to search for jobs and get your profiles updated on the same, but it is much more!

LinkedIn offers a variety of online courses to people to enhance their career opportunities and move towards better growth. It is one of the most trending and widely used social media applications that lets you boost your technical skills. You can work on improving your expertise and knowledge in different domains.

Now, while you are staying at home due to the lockdown, try to make good use of the app. Learn new techniques every day to develop a profile that will help you grab your dream job.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

Do you wonder about learning a new language? Well, if yes, then Duolingo is the perfect solution for you during and after the Coronavirus lockdown. The application offers you the opportunity to learn a variety of new languages just by sitting at home and using your mobile phone. It makes learning a new language extremely fun and cheerful.

Duolingo is a free application developed to help learners who are interested in learning languages and improving their knowledge. You can use it to learn and specialize in languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, English, Danish, Dutch, German, and Irish.

Learning a new language is a trending concept. It has been adopted by a wide number of people across the world. The skills add to your profile and when you travel to any of those countries in the future, you can make good use of your understanding of knowing a foreign language. The understanding can also lead you towards the path of your career.

You can think about making your career as a translator or interpreter if you master the foreign language well. However, there are many other choices too, if you plan to make your career in foreign languages.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

Well, who doesn’t like to stay fit and look beautiful? Yes, every one of us. To do that proper fitness training is not a must, but a great idea to go ahead with. The training by professionals helps you to develop a constant habit of doing exercises and workouts. Moreover, the right technique and the right type of workout is the key to achieve your fitness goals.

Freeletics is one of the fitness apps to make it all possible for you! The application is in trend and it can help you a lot to become fit and stay healthy. It contains live demo videos that you can learn from. The videos are a great way to learn body exercises at home and start working at your comfortable space.

The paid subscription of the app will give you a planned training schedule to become fit and fulfill your goal of having an ideal weight. The app feels like you are doing workouts with fitness trainers in real-time. It contains in-built timers and counters. Now, when you are stuck at your home and can’t go to the gym, the application is the perfect choice for you to get training and become fit!


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

WolframAlpha is an application to get references. Use the app to ask different types of questions that fall in your mind. The app will give you the best answers. Download the app from Google Play Store to enjoy unlimited hours of fun.


Apps to Learn New Things Every day

Mathematics, a subject that is either loved or hated by people! Well, Mathematics is sure a boring subject. But if you try it with proper training and take guidance from a qualified mentor, the subject can become greatly interesting for you. PhotoMath is a well-known application to get trained in Mathematics.

The application will use your phone camera to scan the questions that you have and will respond with valid solutions. The best part of the portal is that it provides an explanation in detail that includes steps. The step-by-step procedure shows you the solution for each problem asked. The application makes learning Maths extremely interesting and fun.

PhotoMath will keep you occupied in a positive sense. The app contains a free version that will provide you the basic solutions. However, you can choose the premium version if you want to get the solutions to the most challenging maths problems. The app will also give you guides to learn well and perform better.


Exoplanets is an interesting application to explore the understanding of science and the universe. It contains information about all the known planets that have been reported to exist outside our solar system. You can scroll through the catalog available or lift your phone towards the sky and try the augmented reality sky map to explore what’s there for you!

The application is developed by an astronomer. It is constantly updated within hours whenever there’s the discovery of a new planet. There’s an option to enable push notifications, do it to be the first one to know about the scientific discoveries.


Life will become tough if you restrict yourself from learning new things. Each new day is an opportunity to grow and learn something better. So during the quarantine when you are home, do not stay idle and isolated from work. Use your time to learn productive things. Learn new things each day with the above-mentioned learning apps available on the Internet. Make each day of your life interesting and rewarding.

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