14 Home Decor Ideas For Your New Rental Apartment

Home feels more like yours when you decorate it with your own hands. But how about decorating a rental home? Have you ever tried it? We know that often it is restricted that you apply your creativity on decorating a rental apartment. Owners put the limitations of keeping their apartment the same as they gave it to you.

Not only this, but there are also a lot more other constraints and conditions levied on the tenants that restrict them from making any changes in the rental home.

However, we believe that everyone should have the right to decorate their space as per their preferred taste and lifestyle. No matter, if you are a homeowner or renter, you must do it. So we have shortlisted some of the top home decor ideas to make it less daunting for you to design your rental home.

With these ideas, you can fulfill your dream of living in a home that says a lot about your persona. So check out the following home decor ideas and apply them without breaking any rules. Don’t worry about causing any damage, these ideas are safe to apply without allowing the landlord to lose his cool.

Make Use of Removable Wallpapers

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What is the first thing that you notice when you step into a home? Of course, the walls. Usually, landlords provide you rental home with plain and simple walls, or with a single coat of paint and color. These walls don’t allow your home to look elegant and impressive. You might feel fed up if you have to look at those bare walls for a long time.

To give your walls a life, you can use removable wallpapers that will change the complete look of the boring walls. These days multiple numbers of designs in wallpapers are available in the market. Also, as these wallpapers are removable, you can freely experiment with different types of colors and designs until you find the one that you like the most!

Try Colorful Rugs and Mats

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Perhaps you don’t know this, but rugs and mats can change the complete look of your room. They can make your home look colorful and stylish by utilizing the vacant space under the tables. If you had no idea about this trick, you must give it a chance.

It doesn’t matter, what you like! Be it bright or dull, flowery or glittery, printed or plain, rugs can add character to the floors at your home instantly. Also, one hidden benefit of using rugs is that they will cover up any unwanted stains or marks on the floor.

Use Artificial Grass

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If you are lucky to have a balcony or lawn in your rental apartment, then this is one of the best home decor ideas for you. Balconies look great, but the ones which have stained floors leave a bad impression.

Put your hands on some artificial grass and lay it out in your balcony or lawn area to give it a better and nature-friendly look. The grass would look so good and you would love to spend your time more often sitting there in the balcony.

Use Bright and Colorful Curtains

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Curtains have the blessing of adding life to a room. They work as a perfect statement piece to flaunt at your home. Glorify the interior design of your rental apartment by putting up colorful and patterned curtains of your choice in all the rooms. This idea is so basic, yet it changes the whole look of your room and makes it look glam and interesting.

You can easily afford to buy curtains for your rental home and their fittings can be completed within a weekend. It is a perfect idea for people who want to pour new life into a tired-looking home.

Use Vinyl Stickers to Decorate Walls

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Peel and stick vinyl stickers, also known as decals are very trendy and popular these days. You can find them easily at online and offline stores. The stickers are simple to use. You just need to peel them off and stick on the walls. They come in different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes and are not too expensive.

The stickers will add detail and flavor to the walls without damaging the paint on them. You can put them on and remove with ease. The stickers are an amazing innovation and a good choice for your home decor ideas.

Add a touch of Greenery

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Plants and Flowers have the power to uplift any space. They add a touch of nature and bring freshness to your surroundings. You can keep them in your balcony, living room, or kitchen as they are some of the best areas to put them on. Besides this, plants will keep the air clean and thereby removing the toxins from your surroundings.

The clean air and freshness in your home will give you a nice and positive feeling. You can use different types of plants for your home like air plant, aloe vera, tulsi, cactus, anthurium, baby toes, money plant, cast-iron plant, Jade plant, etc. They are some of the best indoor plants that need little care and maintenance for use at home.

Display your Memories

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All of us love to create and capture memories. They remind us of the beautiful days and moments spent in the past. Memories are both good and bad, but often we end up capturing the good ones. If you are someone who loves to capture memories and revisit them later, you can decorate them on your walls.

You can do this simply by hanging your best photographs on a string using clips and colorful lights. This looks extremely cool and lovely and causes no damage to the walls. You can remove it easily whenever you want to and hang it anywhere else if you would like to.

Try Elegant Mirrors

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You must never underestimate the power of mirrors to design the interiors of your home. Mirrors look extremely elegant and attractive when you hang them on the walls. They work like a style statement and are a popular option for home decor ideas these days. Mirrors make even a small space look larger and brighter.

Round mirrors, oval-shaped mirrors, etc are a great choice to go ahead with. With their space-enhancing qualities, they will make even a small room look bigger and better. However, while hanging them on the walls of your rental home, make sure there’s no damage caused due to the nails and pins.

Incorporate Fragrance in your Home

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Like lighting, incorporating fragrance into your home is one of the easiest home decor ideas. It helps you to create an atmosphere that is full of freshness and scent. Also, as fragrance directly impacts your mood, so you would be better able to enjoy the atmosphere and stay peacefully at your home.

You can add scented candles, a Reed diffuser, etc. Or simply, you can use a room freshener of your favorite flavor and spread it around in your surroundings.

Use Washi Tape

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To make your home look creative, you can try using washi tape. Washi tape is not just a piece of art and craft, but they are much more. It has several uses and one of them is decorating the walls and furniture. The tape is available in a variety of colors and you can use a combo of it to decorate your home.

Make different designs and patterns on the wall or stick the tape on the edges of the furniture to make them look better and different. The tape is a simple yet innovative way to upgrade the decor of your rental home while causing no damage to it.

Add Statement Furniture

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Furniture is a basic requirement that you need while living in a home. They are not just required for comfort but for home decor too. For this, you can add statement pieces of furniture at your rental apartment. They will also help you with the storage and for organizing things in a better way.

Furniture pieces like bed, chairs, sofa, table, wardrobe, are some of the common ones needed by all. You can buy furniture that comes with some storage space so that you can make a balance between the decorations and the storage space.

Upgrade the lightings

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Rental apartments usually come with poor lighting and sometimes it isn’t practical to change all the light fittings. However, upgrading the lightings that are fixed in a high traffic room can bring a huge difference. If you have bare bulbs or simple lights, an easy way to make it look good is to replace them with statement lightings.

These days it is very common to find beautiful shades and lightings in the market and at online stores. Lights are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes. However, don’t throw away anything! When you leave the rental home, you can be asked to restore the home to its previous condition with all the old lights.

You can also use table lamps and place them on a side table of your living room and bedroom. They provide a home-like feel and add some life to your living space.

Line up the Shelves

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If you have got shelves in your rental home, make good use of it by lining up a range of books on it. Books are no less than an accessory used for decoration and they make a place look more intellectual. They add an alternative vibe to a shelf or a window sill.

And if you think deeply, you will understand how a well-stocked bookshelf transforms a rental house into your home.

Don’t buy too much!

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It is well said that less is more these days. If you live in a rental home, it is a good idea to not buy too many things for decoration. Similarly, you should use limited decorative stuff for your rental home to leave a breathable space at your home. Also, analyze what you need and what you don’t, so that you can avoid spending your money on inessential things.

Final Words

So these were some of the home decor ideas that you can quickly apply to your rental home or your own home. The decorating tips are renter-friendly and won’t cause any kind of physical damage to the rental property. If you like to give a personal touch to the play where you stay, make sure you try these tips.

Do not ever compromise on decor just because you live in a rental home, because your living place always defines you! So make it big and better! Transform your home for a better stay ahead.

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