5 Beauty Hacks you must know to Beat this Summer

Summers have always been full of energetic vibes. Longer are the days, shorter are the clothes. Summer influence everyone for a better, relaxing change. But at the same time, summer comes up with many cons. As in the heat, the dullness, sweat, temperature etc. Especially when you are living in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Bengaluru which for sure increase the chances of pollution to your skin.

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For making your summers better, we have this ultimate beauty hacks to beat summer this 2019:

A whole not a quarter:

water roomsoom pg noida delhi gurgaon

We are talking about water here. Although all of us decide to drink lots of water and keep ourselves hydrated. But end up drinking eight quarters. Wake up and drown in water. The H²O is input for your glow. Carry bottles and ask for water everywhere. No other care can beat the need of hydration in summers.

Fruits not Juices:

Fruits Roomsoom

Who doesn’t loves summer drinks! Everyone is just a addict to the shakes, juices, instant drinks. Many people advice to have juice in your breakfast. You might have seen many fitness freaks posting glass of juice and promoting fitness mantras. But you need to know that a bowl of two fresh oranges is much more healthier than juice of two fresh ones. The consistency and the fiber is unbeatable yet healthier for summer.

Avoid Direct contact to Sunlight:


Summer sunlight destroys whatever comes in its way. Your stamina, skin, plans. To protect your beauty, go for correct sunscreen and never ever let the sun directly touching your skin that’s a harassment to your beauty. You can cover up yourself with Dupatta and suitable sunscreen with accurate SPF.

Choose your Daily Skin Routine:

Skin Care Routine

If you have comparatively sensitive skin, all you need is to pamper it. Choose the scrub, pack, tap routine according to your skin choice and shine on the bright days ahead.
Even if you have hectic days. Keep this as your every second day job. Even you think that summers bring oil to your skin, don’t forget to moisturize your skin and never ever leave your skin bare after a scrub. That will be an invite to huge skin problems.

Use Anti-Tan Weekly:

Anti Tan

Although this is just a summer start. But can anyone ever underestimate the grudge sun gives us? The TAN! Don’t wait for the extreme heat and then cure the tan. Because precaution is always better. An anti-tan lotion not only removes the tan but also prevents it. Give your bath extra 15 minutes and use anti-tan each weekend.

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Roomsoom, PG, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru

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