5 Best Social Distancing Tips For Roommates

Although we have entered Unlock 2.0 with the opening of more economic activities and fewer restrictions, however, the risk of COVID-19 persists. Now, our lives have changed a lot. From regularly going to different places to not being able to meet our friends and loved ones for a while, we have come a long way.

In these challenging times, Social Distancing is one of the most important measures to be followed. However, several people neglect things like the importance of social distancing and put their lives at risk along with other people’s lives.

If you are living in a PG or Flat, you need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and protected from coronavirus. For this, you and your roommates need to be aware and socially responsible. As your roommates play a key role in your lives, so if your roommate shows any negligence, it can create difficulty for you as well.

Here are 5 easy social distancing tips that you and your roommates should follow to stay safe from the pandemic.

Wash Your Hands Frequently


We all know the importance of washing hands frequently these days. This is the first and major step to prevent the infection of coronavirus from entering your body. Interestingly, it is also one of the easiest ways to stay safe. So, wash your hands several times a day and always before and after taking your meals.

It would be very helpful for you if you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The advertisements that claim so are true as this has been proved clinically that it takes 20 seconds at least to wash away bacteria and germs from your hands. Do it and also remind your roomie to do the same. This simple habit will change and reduce the chances of bacteria entering your body.

Social Distancing While Working


When you work from home, be it for college assignments, or internship, or your job, make sure to work in separate rooms or at a considerable distance. Avoid touching each other’s laptops, notepads, stationery products, mobile phones, earphones, and more. This simple practice of distancing will prevent you from spreading infection or bacteria if there is any.

Also, when you work, you require several things such as a water bottle, pen, pencil, charger, and more. Make sure all these things remain separate. Forget about the concept of sharing is caring for now.

Go Out Only When Necessary

To protect yourself and your roommates, it is important to not go out as much as it is possible. Whether it is for shopping, doctor’s appointment, or anything else, go out only when it is necessary. These days, most of the services are available online. You can easily order groceries from a nearby store from your house.

Even doctors provide consultation through calls and applications these days to minimize the requirement of people going out. This is one of the best social distancing tips.

On the other hand, if you have to go out, make sure you wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself from any infection. Avoid touching things and counters whenever you go out and visit a store. Stay distanced from other people and finish off with your work as soon as you can.

Keep Your Towels Separate

As washing your hands becoming frequent, you also need to take care of keeping your hand towels separate. You must avoid even touching your roommates’ hand towel because this can also spread infection. Keep washing your hand towels regularly but separately. This will help you to make proper hygiene and stay safe.

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Checklist of Rules


Prepare a list of rules that you will follow along with your roommate at any cost. This is to ensure social distancing is followed and you both stay on the same page. Rules are important to assure your safety and control the spread. They include not allowing other people to visit your house or you visiting others, minimizing the requirement to call plumbers, electricians, or other repairmen, avoiding visits to health care centers unless it is emergency, and taking care of your health.

Also, decide from where and when you will buy groceries or shop for other things, when to order food, or shop for things online. Know how to maintain cleaning and hygiene, and live with each other while maintaining distance and preventing the risk of infection.

Final Words

The 5 social distancing tips mentioned in this article are very effective and easy to follow. You can adapt them in your daily life easily and make sure to learn to live with them until the nation finds a cure or a proper vaccine for corona. Every one of us is struggling to manage these things, but this is the only hope we have. Social distancing precautions will contribute a lot in finishing off the virus from our lives and we will return to our freedom and normal life again. Keep doing your part!

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