5 Common issues faced by bachelors in rental home

Owning a house these days is not less than a dream. Price of properties remains upstate high which makes it unmanageable for a lot of working professionals and students. The only option that comes to mind then is to rent a property. Renting a home in a new location seems to be manageable at first, but it’s a lot more complex. There are a lot of issues faced especially by bachelors as most of the landlords have this mentality that they will damage their home image.

Let’s discuss 5 of the major problems faced by bachelors in some of the Tier 1 cities of the country.


No get-together

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This is one of the most common issues faced by bachelors. Most of the rental properties don’t allow a tenant to invite their friends to a rental home. One or two persons are usually allowed but not a group or bunch of friends and parties are always a “big no”.



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A lot of landlords are very possessive regarding their property, and they always keep an eye on the tenant. It’s very frustrating but there’s nothing much a tenant can do about it as they are forced to follow their guidelines in an urge to keep continue living under their roofs.


Limited food options

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Living in a rented flat means a little compromise on your eating habits. There is a set routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and limited food options as well. Non-veg food is strictly prohibited in most of the PG’s and some rental properties as well. So that’s also a big issue for a lot of people.


Rent Inflation

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Tier-1 cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai have always faced a major inflation in rent every other year. It makes very difficult for bachelors to adjust to the inconsistency as everyone has a set budget. However, they are left with only two options, either to pay or vacate the property.


Limited space

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Most of the rental flats have a limited space, especially washrooms which are very small usually and not enough outdoor Space as well. It’s very rare to find a good balcony, and most of the flats don’t even have it. It’s not a kind of a big issue, but it something which tenants have to deal with.

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