5 Healthy Snacks for Rainy Days

Who doesn’t like rainy days? Well, planning to move out of the house and want to enjoy independently on rainy days. And in India, most of us love the rainy season and want to enjoy with snacks, right?  Here are some mouth-watering snacks that are healthy and perfect for rainy days if you are staying in a PG.


  1. Corn Bhel



It is easy to cook and it is healthy too. Take some boiled corns, chopped onions, tomatoes, and diet bhel. Shakes them up with the chutneys and you are good to go.

  1. Moong Dal Chila



Who doesn’t like moong daal chila? This is made up of moong daal and this delicious and healthy too. In this, there are healthy nutrients. Cook them in olive oil to make them healthier.

  1. Oats uttapam



Eat uttapam accompanied by veggies. Add a couple of veggies in uttapam and relish them with a hot cup of tea and coffee.


  1. Masala Idli



It is healthy and good in taste. Well, it works fine on a rainy evening with hot coffee and tea as well.


  1. Egg toast

Most of us love to have it in morning breakfast.  Enjoy this toast with a hot cup of coffee. Enjoy a hot cup of tea in rainy season. Well, those who don’t prefer tea can have coffee.


So, enjoy these snacks with friends if you are staying in a PG.



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