5 Things To Ensure While Living With Roommates

When you live in a PG or Flat with roommates, the experience could be amazing or challenging for you. While some people are fortunate enough to find amazing friends and new family in their roommates, others just find it hard to match their vibes. If you manage to develop a good friendship and bond with your roommate, no doubt you are going to spend your upcoming months chilling out and having so much fun. However, even if you don’t, the experience teaches you so many things that becomes no less than a life lesson.  

In this blog, we’re going to share some of the important things that you need to make sure while living with roommates.  


When you live with another person in same apartment or room, the most important thing to learn is adjustment. This experience is completely different from living with your family. When you live and interact with people who belong to different background, place, and spheres of life, you learn about different opinions, experience, and lifestyle. All this teaches you adjustment. You will realize that you have to make several compromises and consider aspects that you didn’t want to adopt in your daily routine.


It might be hard for you to interact and get comfortable with someone whom you know for only a few days. But, bonding and communication with your roommate can make your life easier. Remember he/she is the person you are going to live with for the next few months. You are going to see each other’s faces every day after waking up and before going to bed. So, you must try to know about each other’s cultures, lifestyle, habits, hobbies, favourite destinations, and much more. Go outside and hang out, share food, and have fun knowing each other.


Another thing that you need to learn while living with roommates is keeping patience. With busy lives and work pressures, it is easy for a person to lose his/her temper. However, when you live with outsiders, you cannot lose your patience on every other thing. You need to be calm and composed, otherwise the other person might not find it convenient to share a room with you. If things don’t turn the way you expected them to be, you cannot blame someone whom you barely know.  

Managing Finances

When you live with roommates, there are expenses that you are bound to share, such as monthly rent, electricity bill, food bill, groceries, outings, etc. You need to pay for all these expenses every month while ensuring to not go out of your budget. So, you need to learn to manage your money and not be a spendthrift. It is important that you control your temptations and spend wisely on things that you need more than what you want. You can also look for ways to cut down your expenses and save money that can potentially help you in the future. Obviously, you are independent, so you have an urge to spend on anything you many like, but living on a budget is the best thing for you.

Sharing is Caring

We have always learned as a kid that sharing is caring. The same concept has to be followed when you live with your roommates. It is no different from living with your siblings, just that you have the option to choose the one you live with. Food, clothes, furniture, shoes, memories, experiences, you might have to share all of these with your roommates. Whether you like it or not, there will be things that you can’t deny to share. This is also important to save your money as when you share things, you share expenses too. The concept of sharing starts right from when you book the same room or apartment to live in.  

Wrapping Up

Here we can say that if you manage to adapt to these things in your daily life, it can be easier for you to live with your roommate. However, there’s more to this that you may learn with time and experience. These values are important and will help you to have a good relationship with your roommate. So, go ahead with this and have a happy time with your roomie.

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