5 Things to Never Do in the Morning

All of us have a lot of bad or poor habits that should be given up immediately to change our lives and make it better. This is because poor habits restrict our growth and stop us from having a productive life. What we do immediately after waking up in the morning has a lot to do with the mood that we are going to have throughout the day. So changing a few of our bad habits and following some good ones instead can make us see a positive change in our life. It is also good for the overall development of our body, mind, and soul. Teenagers are usually the ones who excel in having bad habits due to their carefree nature and my life my rules kind of attitude. But they forget that these things must be changed at the earliest before there is no room for repentance.


Don’t Stay in the Bed for Too Long

Yes, we all love to take an extra nap and just lie down on our beds even when it’s time to wake up but doing it every day makes you a lazy person and hampers your productivity. Just 5 more minutes of sleep can make it a daily habit of yours which will eventually prove to be bad except when it is a weekend or when you have no work to do and no place to go. On regular days, you must wake up from your bed on time and start your day with fresh energy and mind. 


Do not use your phone immediately after waking up

Most of the people have this habit of checking out their social media accounts as soon as they wake up. This happens with more than 50% of the population who actively use the Internet and social media. But you should know that endless scrolling on social media sites can activate the wrong parts of your brain especially when it is done in the morning time. The morning hours are meant to relax your mind but the usage of phones can greatly affect it and make you feel lazier.  

Don’t Plan too much about your day

Although planning your daily activities is good and productive but excessive planning can mess up things and can take away your comfort. You should always plan little about your day and spare some time in it for uncertain work and activities that you might encounter in your day. You can do the planning in the evening or night time. But planning in the morning should be avoided because it forces you to think about a lot of things and in turn creates too much pressure on your brains early in the day. Sometimes excess planning can eat up your mind and there won’t be any room for making good decisions and working actively throughout the day.

Do not think Negative

When you wake up in the morning, do not think about things that are troubling you or causing you stress. Do not think or feel negative about anything and especially your own-self as it can leave a bad impact on you throughout your day. Try to have only positive thoughts and do not stress yourself about things that are not in your control.


Do not procrastinate with your work

Mornings should always be utilized fully as it is a well-known fact that our brain works best in the morning. Also, in the morning time, we are fresh and there is no tiredness so you must get your important work done in the morning without feeling lazy about doing it or delaying it up for later. Mornings should be utilized properly because they can provide you a good start and make you feel fresh and happy after you are done with your work and important stuff early in the day.

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