7 Places to Enjoy Street Food in Noida

Whenever it comes to having tasty and lip-smacking food, then street food is one of the top priorities on our list. This food gives immense pleasure to our tastebuds. While talking about the younger generation especially, they love eating the street food of Noida. From heavy Golgappas, Chaat Papdi, Bhelpuri to Veg, Non-Veg Momos and Sandwiches. The list is just never-ending. In Noida, whenever you step out of your house, you will most probably see one, two, or more vendors selling different kinds of street food to people around there.

If you are also a foodie and love eating street food, in this article we are mentioning some of the most famous places for eating street food in Noida. Let’s check them out:

1. Chanda Food


Chanda Food is located in sector 26, D-Block near Jaipuria Plaza, Shop number-140. This shop is very famous for its Momos. Momos are quite delicious and one of the most preferred street foods. This Indo-Chinese street shop serves ‘Chinjabi’ dishes such as Chilli Paneer, Kurkure momos, Tandoori momos, and a lot more. You will see their patrons, which are mostly youngsters, gathered around the area with momos plates in their hands and bikes. So, stop searching and go there with your friends if you are a big fan of street food. Just believe you are going to love this place.

2. Godavari Complex


This place is one of the favourite food spots of the youth of Noida. It is filled with good vibes and good music. It is situated in Captain Shashi Kant Sharma Marg in Sector 37 of Arun Vihar. This is famously called ‘Tea Shop’ by the local residents. It is a one-stop place for various types of drinks and beverages such as myriad eateries, Teasta and Bistro are some of the popular delicacies.

3. Tikhi Gali

Tikhi Gali is quite famous among Momo-lovers. It is located near B-Block market, next to Indusind Bank ATM. This shop is known for numerous options of Momos. Tandoori momos are their favourite. Tikhi Gali comes as a rescue for the people who come over to involve in these simple delights. The real taste of this place lies in the gravy used by them in their dishes.

4. Goli Vada Pav No. 1


If by chance, you are nearby sector 18 in Noida, then you must look out for Goli Vada Pav No.1. This place offers enormous variations of Vada Pav’s with a high level of taste and uniqueness. Besides this street food dish is the QSR setting, they also have delicious Paneer Tikka Sandwiches and Paneer Rolls on their menu. You will fall in love with their Pao Bhaji which is filled with an excess butter. But what you will be fond of is their Maharaja Vada Pao.

5. Kapoors Balle Balle


For all you food lovers out there who are always searching for food that is yummy for your tummy, this place is offering North Indian dishes. Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Kadhai Murga, and Chicken Malai Tikka, etc are offered at this place which is heaven for all the chicken lovers. This shop is located in sector 29, Brahmaputra shopping complex, K-2.  One more thing that you will love about this place is its Shawarma. You can just not leave this place without trying this dish.

6. Street Food Vendors at Sector 18

Street food of sector 18 of Noida has never disappointed anyone in offering good food from momos to steamed chicken. Street food is lined up at every corner in this crowded commercial area. If you are a vegetarian then this place offers immense varieties of veg steamed and fried momos. This is located in J-2 near The Rear Exit Gate of Wave Mall in Sector 18. From Litti-chokha to Indore ke Pohe, this place just serves everything you will love.

7. Jain Tikki Wala


Tikki with chutney and dahi has always been on everyone’s favourite list when it comes to street food. If you are also fond of tikki then you must check out this place and trust us you will love it. This place offers crispy, crunchy and very spicy chole tikkis along with other varieties of chaat such as chaat papri, bhalle papri, dahi Bhalla and a lot more. Once you visit this place and you will be left wanting for more just like us. This place is located in the G Block of Parsvanath Plaza of Sector 27 in Noida.

Searching for great street food options has never been a problem for us but after the hectic long months of lockdown, we deserve to taste and soothe our tongue with the delicious delicacies of the street food. And Noida’s street food has finally come to your rescue. Hence, the above given list of places will give you happiness when you visit them. Try them out and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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