7 Reasons To Look For Co-living Spaces In Bellandur

Bangalore is today the city of dreams for all millennials in India. People from all over the country come here to look for opportunities and achieve their dreams.

A big challenge after this is to look for a perfect and affordable home that meets your needs. Then, only the option of Co-living comes in handy which prompts us to find affordable homes with millennial premium facilities. So, can co-living in Bellandur be the best option?

We will talk about the experience of co-living in Bellandur in this blog post, but first, let’s discuss the major challenges facing all first-timers in Bangalore.

First of all, they face a dilemma about whether to live in a PG or apartment. Then, they will easily choose between the two, depending on the budget.

Secondly, they face the challenge of a good location that rarely fits their budget. But the fact that rental houses located in the vicinity of leading places and IT parks and corporate offices will be expensive – this simply cannot be ignored!

Thus, co-living spaces are the only best option for millennials hoping to live a luxurious life at an affordable price.

Bangalore offers the best co-living experience for students and working professionals in various areas such as Bellandur, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Silk Board, and many other areas. Speaking of Bellandur, enjoying cohabitation is the first choice of millennials.

Now, let’s have a look at the Bellandur region, its brief history, and why it is one of the coldest places to make a nest in Bangalore. This area is a popular suburb in south-east Bangalore and is surrounded by popular areas such as HSR Layout, Devarbisanahalli, and Sarjapur.

Historically, Bellandur was part of the Western Ganga dynasty in the 10th century CE. While at first, it was just a wasteland. In the early 2000s, it gradually began to emerge with IT infrastructure.

Today, it is the center of discussion for professionals working here with many corporate offices and IT companies. Now that we have briefly learned about Bellandur and its history, let’s discuss why co-living in Bellandur is best for young professionals.

Why Should Professionals Prefer Co-living In Bellandur?

1. It Is Located In The Center

The area of Bellandur is centrally located and is surrounded by areas such as Sarzapur, HSR layout, and Devarbisanahalli.

Since the Outer Ring Road passes through this area, it creates an important transit that connects East Bangalore to South Bangalore. In addition, it is home to the famous Bellandur Lake, which is one of the largest water bodies in the city.

2. Cheap Rental And Co-living Spaces

As we discussed above, living in those areas that are surrounded by important areas and posh colonies like the Bellandur HSR layout can overwhelm your pocket.

But, Bellandur is one of those areas of Bangalore, which provides easy and affordable rental options for working professionals. In addition, co-living is cheaper in Bellandur, when you compare it with other corporate places in the city.

And, what would one want more than an inexpensive place to nest in a millennium city? Thus, Co-living in Bellandur is simply awesome!

3. Easy Transportation

Being centrally located, Bellandur provides easy transportation to all major parts of Bangalore. Kempegowda International Airport is just 30 km from the area and is conveniently about 19 km through BMTC buses and even Majestic Bus Stand, Marathahalli-Sarjapur Road.

Due to easy access and transportation, co-living in Bellandur becomes possible for all millennials and working professionals.

4. It’s Like A ‘Mini IT Hub’

Bellandur is often referred to as Bangalore’s ‘Mini IT Hub’ due to the presence of corporate offices of many IT companies, MNCs and startups. Thus, this locality is buzzing with youth, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals.

If you are also of the same age group, co-living in Bellandur may be the best way for you to connect and bond with like-minded individuals.

5. One Of The Safest Places To Live

Did you know that Bellandur can be one of the safest places to stay in Bangalore? Since this place is home to many startups and corporates, Bellandur is always buzzing with entrepreneurs and working professionals, even if they are not working. That is why it is safe to live in Bellandur.

Co-living in Bellandur can also be great for women who work late at night and often face security issues when visiting their homes or workplaces.

6. Entertainment, Your Way

Bellandur is a shelter site for entrepreneurs, young minds, and young professionals who like to work and enjoy with their friends and family in their spare time. Firstly, the famous Bellandur Lake – one of the largest lakes in the city is located here. And secondly, the area is surrounded by Sol Space Central Mall, Market Square Mall, and other famous malls for shopping and enjoying with loved ones.

In addition, it has some of the city’s famous eateries such as Spice Touch, Momo Cafe, and many others where millennials love to spend their time and dine on weekends. Thus, co-living in Bellandur has become the most sought-after thing for all the millennials.

7. The Appearance Of The Co-living

We are a major player in the Co-living Industry. We have a presence in all major areas of Bangalore, such as HSR Layout, Whitefield, Kundallahalli, ITPL, KR Puram, Marathahalli, and many other places.

We, at Roomsoom, not only help millennials get rental facilities at affordable rates but also premium facilities, giving them the opportunity to build their community of like-minded people.

However, many are concerned about safe stay in the ongoing crisis. For these people, we offer them to stay trouble-free with top-notch security and sanitation near IT parks and top corporate offices.

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