7 Tips to List your Property Online

Listing a property online has become possible with the coming of modern technology. It might be an easy task for some while for others it is really hard as it includes a lot of effort and has to be done with good care. A proper and well-done property posting includes all the information related to the property such as basic facilities, amenities, and other specifications offered by the property owner to tenants. A listing that contains more information about the property has always more chances of being sold or rented out. This is because it gives the customers a prior idea regarding the specifications of the property and helps them to make an informed choice. Listing a property online has made it easy for customers to search for properties easily by sitting in their comfort zone at homes and for owners to reach out to potential buyers.

listing a property online

Due to thousands of listing available online, it is hard to make yourself stand out soon, get better ranking, and recognition over other listings and acquire customers. But with some easy tips that are shared over here, you can excel in your expertise of listing a property online and can get a better score over others.

Short Headline

Always use a short and catchy headline for your property that will arouse interest in the minds of people. It might include the society name, price, area, landmark, configuration or any other. This will generate a better first impression on potential customers and will increase the probability of your listing getting attention and recognition. A boring, long or incomplete headline can severely reduce your chances of getting recognition for your property.

Provide relevant information

While listing a property online, you have to include a lot of relevant information in it such as exact location, furnished/ unfurnished/ semi-furnished condition, leasehold status, facilities, price, configuration, and amenities. You can explain all of these in a few words to provide important information to potential buyers of property. Try to avoid adding irrelevant content in the listing that can unnecessarily exaggerate the property description and is useless for customers.

listing a property online

Give actual details regarding price and area

Try to be as real as possible when you are providing details of your property. Do not misguide customers by exaggerating the built-in area of your property as it might leave a bad impact on customers who are looking for genuine stuff. Additional expenses such as the booking amount, security deposit, maintenance charges, electricity charges on per unit basis, brokerage, etc.

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Mention Amenities

It is great to mention all the amenities that are provided in your property. Amenities such as Wi-Fi, Gym, community games, swimming pool, laundry, etc. These always remain in the minds of potential buyers and will clear their doubts. This will also generate a USP for your property and will differentiate it from the other listings.

listing a property online

Use Photos and Videos while listing a property online

Visuals are always more impactful than the content. They provide a direct idea of the look of the property to customers and grab their attention easily. It might even entice them to come and schedule a visit to your property or refer it to others who are in need. The photos and videos that you use must be of high resolution and good quality. It is even better if you show both the interior and exterior of the property in photos and videos. A video that displays a whole look-around of your property will be greatly appealing for customers.

Provide exact location

It is always good to not keep the customer in dark and share the exact location with them beforehand. For this, you must mention the full address of the property along with its nearby areas or landmark. It will provide an insight to the customers about the suitability of the area according to their preferences and expectations.

Verify your property

Verified properties get added advantages over the unverified ones. The verification establishes the accuracy, legitimacy, and validity of a property. Some portals verify the properties by sending their field executives on the actual property who verify the location, space, area, number of rooms, and other minor details. It increases your chances of being listed and ranked above on popular portals of listing a property online.

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