7 Ultimate Cafe’s In Gurgaon to Treat your Taste Buds

Cafes are where you can spend long hours of your time contemplating on your life. Cafes are not just a place to get coffee anymore. It is where you can enjoy your time reading a book or to chill around with your friends or even go on a date! Cafes are also a great place to chill if you live independent to get some stress out from your day to day life.


Here’s our list of cafes for you to look around to have some great food, nice ambiance, creative decor, and relaxing vibe.



Cafes in Gurgaon


The Biker’s Cafe

The Bikers Cafe Roomsoom

As the name suggests, this biking theme cafe is a very immaculately designed, with fine details of biker-themed quotes to a mouth-watering menu with detailed cutlery. The place features an amazing history of bikes, with the current status of the international market. The cafe has an amazing ambiance with hip and buzz all around.


Di Ghent Cafe

Di Ghent Cafe Roomsoom

Located at second floor of Cross Point Mall, Di Ghent Cafe is a little food paradise. Just opposite the Galleria market, the Belgian cafe has very relaxing decor with light music playing in the background. This place also has a decent bookshelf with a nice collection of books. The food is not just amazing but also pleases to the eye. Smoked salmon, parma ham, bread, and freshly made coffee is excellent on all counts


The Joint Cafe

The Joint Cafe Roomsoom

To enjoy your morning with real American breakfast and a cup of coffee/tea this beautiful cafe is the place to go. Known for serving authentic gourmet, delicious hot dogs, tasty sandwiches the place is well known for its amazing burger and most talked about steak. The joint cafe is a collection of good food, ambiance, coffee, and service. Serving the best coffee with having more than 70 food items on the menu this place is a must visit.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Roomsoom

Do we need to tell you about Blue Tokai? Well, who doesn’t know about this franchise? With the best coffee in town, this place is to fall in love with. You can easily expect the best of everything while you are at the Blue Tokai.


Another Fine Day

Another Fine Day Roomsoom

Another Fine Day is a vibrant cafe located in MPD towers, famous for its small cozy ambiance on the ground floor. As the name tells its all about comfort, good food and to make your day ‘fine’. All day breakfast, sandwiches, platter, and variety of tea, coffee, wine, beer, and shakes make it a great place to chill out.


Cafe Amaretto

Cafe Amaretto Roomsoom

New edition to Gurgaon’s cafe scene, Cafe Amaretto has gained quite a reputation for its Italian food. Famous for its simplistic ambiance and relaxing vibe the cozy cafe is quite famous for its Italian bites. The place is becoming hit for candlelight meals with also having an option of buying paintings on the walls. So feel free to snatch them up!


Getafix Cafe

Getafix Cafe Roomsoom

Located in Cross Point Mall this is the cafe to have yourself some guilt-free food. Winning the best healthy restaurant award 2018 is enough to let you know about how good this place is. With having gluten-free meals this place is for those who want to eat sensibly. The cafe has a colorful decor, filled with lamps and murals on the walls will light your senses. There is also a small library for you to have a look around.

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