8 Best Cafes For Students in Delhi

The life of students is one of the best lives. It is exciting, fun, and thrilling. You have the pressure of exams, studies, career, still you get to manage things and take out time to hangout and enjoy with your friends. You get to see unconventional times, explore different places, and try new stuff. The best part is that when you grow up you get to fulfill your dreams of doing what you want in your way and your style. Now, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, our lives have been greatly impacted but still we have hopes and are moving on strong to allow our lives to gradually come back on track.

If we particularly talk about Delhi, it is one of the metropolitan cities that receives a huge influx of students every year, especially in universities, coaching centers and other private institutes. So, the students living in these areas are usually on the lookout for some nice places to hangout after college/ working hours.

However, with several things to consider like costs, convenience, and food preference, it becomes confusing for students to pick up the right place and enjoy going there. Free yourself from this confusion because we have a list of the 8 best cafes for students living in PG in Delhi. Not only to hangout with your friends, but you can also sit and work in the following cafes. So, let’s take a look at them:

Parallel Café


Want to enjoy natural sunlight? Head towards The Parallel Café, located in Khan Market, Delhi. It is a perfect place if you want to enjoy a quiet time for reading or writing stuff. It is also one of the best cafes for students in Delhi that deserves a place on your Instagram feed. You get to enjoy delicious, lavish food, and a beautiful interior inside the café. This outlet offers a variety of delicacies loved by the youngsters these days. You can also have a peaceful afternoon lunch at this place. Go visit the place yourself to know more and don’t forget to take a lot of selfies inside their beautiful ambiance.

Big Yellow Door


Popularly known as BYD or Big Yellow Door, this café is a great place to hang out with your dearest friends and enjoy some good food. The café is located in Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Delhi and offers you great delicacies in budget-friendly prices. The café is quite lovely and chilled out. Some of their dishes like the Paneer Makhani Pizza, Chilli Potato are a big hit amongst the students who come from nearby as well as far away places. On weekends, the place is usually buzzing with a great crowd of the young ones.

Café Tesu


Located in the lanes of Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Café Tesu is another hit. The café is a paradise for the writers with bookshelves around the interior that offers you to have some great clicks for your Instagram. They are very famous for their breakfast menu. They get a huge crowd during the morning when college students and office goers visit the place to enjoy a nice meal in the morning. Don’t forget to try their Masala Chai, Latte, and Waffles.

Cafeteria & Co.


Cafeteria & Co. is another name in the list of the best cafes for students in Delhi. Located in Vijay Nagar, the interior of the café looks like a premium version of a local college canteen along with its sleep contemporary interior décor that combines modern with classic. If you happen to visit the café, make sure you try their butter chicken and rolls, basil ice tea, star shaped burger, etc. It will be a great choice for you to hang out with your buddies.

Farzi Café


One of the oldest cafés in town, Farzi Café is very popular for its unique fusion cuisine and its ambiance that includes a large dancing area, a stage, rustic backgrounds, and groovy music. You can experiment with some of their quirky dishes like duck samosa, malaya prawns, and pav in wada.

Raasta Café


Visit to the Raasta Café in Hauz Khas and get mesmerized with its charming interior that provides the feeling of a Caribbean island. The moment you step into the place, you will feel relaxed and in a happy mood. The vibes of this place are very good to uplift your mood after a tiring day at college or workplace. You can sit back and chill with your friends in their spacious lounge while they play classics from Bob Marley and other legendary artists in the background. It is a perfect place to spend your Saturday night and have a great time enjoying Indian, Oriental, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Rico’s Café


Located in GTB Nagar, the Ricos café is a favorite spot for the students of North Campus, Delhi University. You get to enjoy a chirpy, vibrant, and pleasant atmosphere inside the café. Many students living nearby has made it their second home as it is a great place to spend some good time and chill with your friends. It is one of the best cafes for students in Delhi and is so affordable that you don’t need to freak out for having great meals there and in return hurting your budget. During the peak hours, the café is a bit noisy but that’s why we call it chirpy.



Consider it as the best place if you simply love to chat and have coffee with your friends. The Imperfecto café has earned great popularity and is one of the best cafes for students in Delhi. Youngsters love to hang out in this place and get some chilling vibes. The café is located in Hauz Khas and not just have a great infrastructure but offers good service too.

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