Best Diet Plan for College Students at Lowest Budget

In this blog, we are going to share you the best diet plan for students who are living in hostel or PG. We assure that all the meals that are going to discuss, are very much practical in hostel and PG life. Moreover, we completely understand that in student life we do not have enough money to spend on diet. Taking this consideration this diet plan is very low in budget yet it is the best diet plan. We will share with you the cost break up of each meal and at the end; we will calculate the monthly budget. So, let’s get started.

Meal-1 (Breakfast): The first meal of the day is breakfast. Usually we get Aloo Puri, Chhole Bhature, Paranthe, Dosas and all that oily stuff. We would suggest you to avoid this and instead this we can have oat meal.

Oat Meal (Recipe):

Breakfast Oat Meal Roomsoom

  • Take 60 g of natural oats and add 250 ml of hot milk and rest it for 5-6 minutes so that oat gets cooked in steam.
  • Add 10-12 almonds for healthy fats, one teaspoon of flax seeds for omega 3 and one banana for potassium and natural sugar.

You can add take 2 boiled eggs along with oat meal. It is heavy well balanced and perfect meal for a breakfast. It is a great start for a day.

Boiled Eggs Roomsoom

Cost Breakdown:

60 g Oats          = Rs 8                     1.5 kg Quaker oats   = Rs 200

1 Banana          = Rs 5

10 Almonds      = Rs 10                   1 kg Almonds           = Rs 700

2 Eggs                = Rs 8                     30 Eggs Tray            = Rs 120

1 tsp flax seeds  = Rs 1                   100 g Flax seeds          = Rs 15

Total Cost = Rs 32


Macro nutrients:

Carbohydrates = 80 g

Protein              = 33 g

Fats                    = 25 g

Fiber                  = 10 g

Total Calories = 650

Meal-2 (Lunch): Whenever we go to the hostel mess, the table is set in such a way that there is rice, chapatti, dal, curry, curd and salad. Eating in a mess is all about making smart choices.

  • The most important is you should never miss a salad. It is a great way to get the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Now choosing a carbohydrate source is very important. Take whole wheat roti which is a complex carbohydrate and also if there is curd you should definitely take it.
  • Now have dal along with that you can have little bit curry but the protein in this meal is still missing. So you can have 4 egg whites or if you are a vegetarian then you can have 100 g of paneer and you can mix it with your curry.

lunch diet plan

Cost Breakdown:

            4 egg whites = Rs 16                                                30 Eggs Tray = Rs 120

Total Cost = Rs 16

                                ****ALL OTHER ITEMS FROM MESS****

Macro nutrients:

Carbohydrates = 60 g

Protein              = 30 g

Fats                    =   5 g

Fiber                  = 10 g

Total Calories = 500

Meal-3 (Evening Snacks): Evening snacks is the most important meal of the day. We would suggest you to have 6 egg whites along with bananas. Egg whites, due to it is fast digesting lean source of protein.

Egg whites and bananas

Cost Breakdown:

            6 egg whites = Rs 24                                                30 Eggs Tray = Rs 120

2 bananas      = Rs 10

Total Cost = Rs 34

Macro nutrients:

Carbohydrates = 55 g

Protein              = 25 g

Fats                    =   1 g

Fiber                  =   1 g

Total Calories = 300

Meal-4 (Dinner): For dinner when we got to the mess, we see the food options are similar to that they were in the lunch. Along with the same meal which we have taken on lunch, we will only add paneer for protein and also it is always advisable to take paneer in dinner.

dinner diet plan

Cost Breakdown:

            100 g paneer = Rs 35                                                200 g paneer = Rs 70

Total Cost = Rs 35

                                ****ALL OTHER ITEMS FROM MESS****


Macro nutrients:

Carbohydrates = 60 g

Protein              = 30 g

Fats                    =   15 g

Fiber                  =   10 g

Total Calories = 600

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