Best Food Joints for Students living in PG in Noida

Students often love going to new places for exploring and eating outside food. Places that serve all types of cuisines from Chinese to Indian and from Mexican to Italian are usually the most preferable ones. Noida is a town that is full of amazing and outstanding restaurants and food joints that will tempt you to come back there again and again. But often it is highly confusing to finalize a place when you have so many options to choose from. Some are good in their ambience while others are good in their quality of food. If you also feel stuck in deciding and finalizing a great restaurant in Noida, then this article will solve your problem. Here are some of the top and best food joints that serve delicious and lip-smacking food to their customers. They are highly recommended for students living in PG in Noida.  

PG in Noida

Nazeer Food

Nazeer Food is one of the most suitable eating places for students living in PG in Noida. It is a quite simple yet attractive place to eat and hang out with your buddies. The restaurant specializes in serving high quality and standardized food items at pocket-friendly prices. They deal with Mughlai and North Indian food mainly. People who love eating Non-Vegetarian food must try this place as their Mughlai is extremely tasty and tempting. You can also order your food online and get it delivered at your doorstep. Their must-have dishes include Butter Chicken, Keema Kaleji, Tawa Chicken, Mutton Korma, Chicken Kababs, etc. The average cost for two people is 450Rs and the restaurant is located in Sector-18 Noida.


SodaBottleOpenerWala is a Parsi and Iranian restaurant. It is located in Sector-18 Noida and is easily accessible for students and people living at nearby places in PG in Noida. The restaurant is beautifully and magnificently decorated from inside. It provides the feel of an old school and involves beautiful and attractive paintings, dim and classy lightings, and soothing music inside its walls. All of these things provide a beautiful and romantic feel to its ambience and multiplies the beauty and grace of this restaurant. The restaurant serves different types of drinks and its bar is the main attraction amongst many. If you are planning to visit this restaurant, you must try their Vada Pao, Apple Pie, Raspberry Soda, Berry Pulao, etc. The average cost for two is 1450Rs and the restaurant is located in Sector-18 Noida.

PG in Noida

Desi Swag

Desi Swag is another best option for people living in PG in Noida. As its name suggests, this place is full of Desi and Indian feel. Also, the best part is that they specialize in serving home-cooked meals that are tasty and healthy at the same time. They deal with North Indian and Mughlai Cuisines. This restaurant is one of the best things to grab your hands on as they excel from all others in terms of quality and quantity of food. Their food is so tasty that your taste buds would feel completely satisfied. You must try their Dal Makhani with Butter Naan and Paneer Malai Tikka if you visit there. Their prices are also very reasonable and the average cost for two people eating at this place is 500Rs. The restaurant is located in sector-37 Noida.


Bohemia cafe is decorated with minimalist yet beautiful stuff inside its doors. The ambience of this cafe is extremely soothing, comfortable and full of positive vibes. They serve incredible and mouth-watering food at budget-friendly prices to their customers. They serve mainly Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. If you are planning to visit this place, you must try their White Sauce Penne, Custard and Berries Waffle, and Jalapeno Potato Croquettes. They are amazingly delicious and tastes heavenly. The average cost for two people visiting here is 850Rs. It is located in Garden Galleria, Sector 38 Noida.

PG in Noida


Fluuid is one of the most amazing restaurants for couples and students living near PG in Noida. Its ambience is outstanding and extremely unique that you must not have seen before. It includes beautiful glassware, crisp table linens, hanging lightings, colorful patterns, comfortable seating with soft and silky cushions, and a lot more. This place is extremely classy and serves North Indian, Continental, and Mexican Cuisine. It is located in sector-18 Noida so it is easily accessible for students living or studying nearby. The average cost for two people is 2250Rs. 

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