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March 1, 2019
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Finding the best place to visit and that too within your budget is quite tough. Especially when it comes to IT city Bangalore. Well, with this blog you will be able to get the perfect solution to this problem.

Listed below are the names of the places for bachelors in Bangalore:

Kunti Betta Bangalore


  • Night Trek at Kunti Betta: Add this place to your bucket list and experience the best adventure in midnight. In fact, it is also believed that this is a place where Pandavas with Kunti lived during their exile.


Coorg Camping Bangalore


  • Coorg Camping: Experience the amazing outdoors with your friends. In 2 day visit, you and your buddies can enjoy the thrills of camping with a bonfire. The scenic beauty with cascading waterfalls makes it more fascinating.

Ramanagara bangalore


  • Wine Tour at Ramnagara: Though it sounds quite strange that what wine is doing between these amazing tours? The reason behind, this place is quite affordable and being legally aged person, you can add this place this in your wish list and have a few shots of wine with your friends. In fact, here you will have 5 different types of wine which includes Indian and French.

jain farms bangalore


  • Jain Farms: Having some crazy desires is human and interesting as well. Forgetting your this desire fulfilled you should come to this place once with your buddies. It’s just around 44 km from the city. Here, you will have bullock cart rides, pot making, astrology, and magic shows.


Mountain Biking in Dandeli Jungle


  • Mountain Biking in Dandeli Jungle: Who says that offbeat adventure never comes at a low price? Just break this bubble and come to this pristine land of Dandeli for the amazing experience of mountain biking.

These are the few top names of the places in IT city Bangalore where you can go with your bachelors for having fun and enjoyment.

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