Brands that you thought are Foreign but actually Indian!

We all have an obsession with foreign brands over the Indian counterparts. From food to clothes, mobiles to vehicles, we always prefer an international name behind a product. Our perception is that western products are far better in quality, but actually, that’s only because of their better marketing and presentation, which result in more price eventually.

You will be shocked to know that these fashion brands are actually Indian, and you can’t argue about their quality too:


  1. Allen Solly   

A division of Aditya Birla fashion and licensed under Madura garments. Yes! You heard it right, it’s an Indian brand. Often known as Friday dressing or chic office wear, It is one of the India’s biggest apparel company and has a luxury lifestyle label in the Indian market.


  1. Da Milano

Da Milano Italia! Sounds Italian right? But actually, it’s Indian. Owned by Entrepreneur Sahil Malik, it carries a wide range of luxury fashion goods including handbags, sling bags, travel trollies and much more.


  1. Peter England

Regardless of its name, Peter England is a division of Aditya Birla fashion and licensed under Madura garments. It’s the largest menswear brand in India with over 5 million garments sold every year.


  1. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd was propelled in 1984 by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd, a Ludhiana based Nahar group. It’s a leading fashion brand for both men and women providing a wide range of t-shirts, denims, trousers, shorts, dresses and much more.


5. Spykar

Spykar originated way back in 1992, by Mr. Prasad Pabrekar led by ambition ventured into fashion apparels and accessories. It’s now one of the best denim jeans brands in India that have gained a huge popularity among the youth.


  1. Lakmé

Lakmé is India’s biggest cosmetic brand for over 50 years. Its bond with beauty and fashion is manifested through the Lakmé Fashion week, which is now the largest fashion event of its kind in India.


  1. Louis Phillipe

It may sound like British, but again it’s completely Indian. Also owned by Aditya Birla fashion it’s licensed under Madura garments. Launched in India, in 1989 it’s a premier brand of Men’s apparel since, and ABFRL has also acquired online and offline rights to market the international brand “Forever 21” as well. Interesting right?


Got surprised, right!! Share this post with your acquaintances to give the same feeling, they will definitely thank you for sharing this informative & surprising piece of words. And, don’t forget, when you go shopping next time, buy Indian brands freely regardless of their names.

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