Co-living – A better way of living

Gone are the days, when people avoid strangers into their house. The new trend & adaptation is Co-Living spaces – a shared home, where you can share a room or flat or house with other likeminded people to use all the essential amenities to live for. This trend is becoming more and more popular among students & working professionals who are out from their home and searching for a perfect place to live in.

Now the question arising in your mind must be, ‘why would I share a flat with a total stranger”? Well to answer this, I would like to give you some brief benefits you can get with co-living, and trust me; you will change your mind about it.

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1. First and foremost – Sharing your expenses


While living alone does have his own virtue if you want some privacy, but it can give you a headache as well as it’s not easy to bear all the expenses on your own. Rent, electricity, and other day to day expenses can create a lot of mess. So opting for sharing a flat, can save you a lot of money by splitting all the necessary expenses.

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2. A company is good to have


“Who doesn’t like to have a good time with someone”?, the joys and the sorrows, the goods and the bads, and especially when you are moving in a new place, Its really good to have a company at home who you can talk to, share how your day was, share your problems, from simply having a nice conversation to enjoying Watching movies or TV together.

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3. Networking

Making new contacts and expanding your friends circle is the most important aspect of networking. Networking assists both in personal as well as the professional aspect of one’s life. Opting for a shared flat lets you meet new people with different backgrounds and environment. Getting to know about different cultures and rituals improves your life experiences and social skills as well.

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4. Shared responsibilities


Day to day tasks at home like laundry, sweeping floors, washing the dishes etc. can seem to be manageable at first, but let me tell you; handling all the things alone can be a bit of burden. However with Co-living, you can always divide your work, assign specific duties with your roommates and lessen down all the stress.

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5. A reliable roommate

When you are living alone, you are literally on your own so if you are not feeling well sometime or fall sick, there is no one to look after you. Having a roommate will give you an emotional and physical support when needed. Also when you are away from the home, someone will always be there to keep a check on the things, and the house won’t be left empty.

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I hope you find this article helpful and let you make a better decision for yourself.

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