Dressing tips to outstand at Interviews

Acing an interview is the most crucial part of a person’s career. Getting success at an interview doesn’t mean that one needs to have big degrees or a bunch of certificates. One’s body language, communication skills and appearance too play an important role.

The moment one enters into the interview hall and stands or sits in front of the interviewer, he/she is firstly judged on the basis of his/her looks and appearance. That’s why, your looks greatly determine your success at interviews. But the major question that arises is- What to wear for an interview?

Don’t worry, we have come up with simple, chic and pocket- friendly dressing tips for you the next time you go for an interview:


1. Blazer for Professionalism

Blazer is the staple clothing item for interviews, so investing in a good quality one is important. Go for a solid coloured blazer like blue, black or khaki and pair with printed shirt. Studies have shown that blue and black are the preferred colours for employers while hiring.


Image source: https://www.amazon.in/Men-Formal-Wear/b?ie=UTF8&node=5518665031


2. Stylish Footwear

Shoes are the last things one looks up to but they need to be equally perfect as your clothing. For women, go for heels if they are comfortable as per your likings and match the colour as per your outfit. Men in black (footwear) is what is an apt statement for men, although brown too works like a charm.


Image source : http://www.hannahnicoledesigns.com/


3. Professional bag

Professionally, your bag greatly determines your personality.

For men, leather or faux leather tote bags in brown, grey or black must be preferred as apt choices.

As for women, leather bags are a good option. Don’t go for shimmery or funky colours like grey, golden, red or green. Wear only if they match perfectly with your outfit.


4. Printed blouse add spice

To break the monotony of pencil skirts and slacks, give some life to your overall appearance by introducing some prints. This will leave a mark of creativity on your hiring managers and would also spice up things. Shirts in yellow, green, purple, orange and pink go well with solid coloured blazers and trousers.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com


5. Accessorize well

To give a perfect look to your personality and outfit, accessorize well. Sometimes it does happen that your overall look is incomplete without accessories. So accessorize a bit, but don’t go overboard with it. Watches are the best accessory as far as interviews are concerned. Go for black or brown belt, according to the outfit. Women should avoid wearing nose rings or any dangling jewelry to the interview.


Image source: https://www.pinterest.com

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com


6. Smell good

Of course you don’t wish to be smelled like a rotten egg. Smell subtle. Don’t spray any powerful perfume or cologne as some people. This might ruin your overall impression. Go for a decent perfume with a pleasant yet light fragrance.


So, these were some of the dressing tips and not style tips to ace an interview. You might choose anything to wear but what matters is your dressing knowledge and presentation. So, go ahead and grab the opportunity.


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