Here are some New Year Resolutions you can make in this year

What have you thought about the new plans planning a romance like twilight! Or an adventure like a clash of clans?

Those who don’t dream, won’t get it! Isn’t this so true? The one who doesn’t plan gets involved in the outcomes of his destiny and blames it on his luck later but one who begins with planning finds a way to create his own destiny. As it is said, “the journey well begun is the journey half done”. One who resolute, surely gets something. As the party mood ends, everyone starts admiring their new year resolutions. Although the new year resolutions have been underrated due to memes and jokes but they still have their place high in the hearts of people who take new year as a new journey. A new journey gives you adventures and teachings, scope to learn and explore, admires you towards vast things and also gives you a pace of improvement hence new year can be a whole new journey for all of us. There is nothing over or underrated about resolutions. Although, new year resolutions can be a reason for your best outcomes as many people adore new year as their chance to be better. 

Here are some of the resolutions you can look out for once you step into the new year 2019!


  1. Fitness and Health


Fitness and HealthMost of us often find health and fitness a more active task and fail to continue it. Often, many people shop gym stuff and join it but are back to belly fat and dizziness till the end of the 2nd month. This happens because we consider it a separate task. No one feels confident if he/she isn’t fit and feels low due to his/her body. The ironic fact is that we mislead ourselves about an attractive body and fitness regime. Each body is beautiful, and everyone should find comfort in his/her own skin. And fitness is just taking care of your internal health. This resolution sums up running and fresh breathing, gym and exercising to improve your overall health. That doesn’t mean to change yourself, it’s your choice if you want to! In Fact, it means improving yourself. So you can call it enhancement, not a replacement!

  1. A Trip to Somewhere


Later the party days, after the beautiful summer, in-between the hectic routine you might feel to run away! So resolute that you will. This isn’t a tip that is telling you to leave your belongings and escape. Perhaps, this is a trip! A solo trip, a family trip or a trip with your friends. All above, honestly! a solo trip to somewhere you feel obliged is a must, as solo trips add some pathetic humour to your idiotic boring life. And the quite small migration will give you a sudden peace of mind that can recharge your whole mind and soul to an extremely different level. So make a resolution that you will visit some exotic or even a basic new place for 4-5 days depending on your budget escaping from the disastrous habitual routine days for sure.

  1. A Wardrobe Change


Many of us usually wonder, a beautiful change in our clothes. Some comfy stuff, some other stuff that we don’t wear because we think that is a complete manipulated version of what we wear on daily basis. You can start from the very first month. Till the sixth month buying things according to your budget comfort will give you a new wardrobe. Changing your wardrobe is more like updating it! As new clothes always bring out a new part of us. A bit change will surely give sudden happiness and a sense of relief that is quite good for the soul. A wardrobe change will be an out of the box resolution but a crazy resolution to surprising the ones near you.

  1. Saying what you didn’t

Ahmm Ahmm! So say your heart out to them! You waited from last few months but believe me! It is the right time now. This resolution doesn’t only imply for your romance life but also for the people near you. Saying sorry for the mistakes, thank you for the efforts and the magical words for the feelings. We are so in a hurry to live a practical life that saying our heart out often creates pressure and stress for us. We feel that saying such things would make us look creepy and dipped in cheese. But honestly, how you know that the people you are doubting to say things to, will be a part of your life for a long period of time? So seize the moment and go for it. Propose the person you just found cute, say thank you for the smile that made your day and just speak whatever comes in your mind. That will help you sustain the package of things that are stored inside you and will also make you a better person. Being practical is a good choice but don’t let it be your nature as a human. Be like water, go where life takes. Although, know your purpose for life but just make a resolution to speak things louder, enough to reach someone’s ears.

  1. Be More Comfortable With the NO


Why is it so difficult for us to be with the word NO. We are just so uncomfortable in saying it, and just so offended in hearing it. That’s so unfair. This resolution can be so helpful to you as a person because as one feels comfortable around the word “NO” he/she is more liable to himself in life. You love your friends but you love the football match! You planned about sitting in the blanket and watching match since last week but your friends call you out, you are not in the mood but due to their reckless taunts, you switch that day’s priorities. That’s a situation very often, but learn to say no. That will be essential and supportive for your life experiences. That doesn’t mean an anti-social life but means doing what you love at that moment. In a vice-versa case you should also be comfortable in facing a NO! This resolution is just so vulnerable.

So if you gonna try the resolutions keep one thing in mind, don’t rush for many at a time. Work at one. Each year teaches us something different and rushing would lessen the fun of unexpectancy that will lead to much lesser lessons. So have a great year ahead.


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