How Co-living Aims To Address The Issue Of Loneliness Epidemic?

When you live in a metropolitan city, you work for long hours in your office, then come home late at night, alone in your home, you feel an emptiness in your own space, you feel something is missing, it’s like a burden on your heart.

You don’t have anybody to interact and have a meaningful conversation with. And, before you get over this, another day comes up with the same routine and you have to wake up to get ready to reach your office and resume work.

Sounds quite boring and lifeless right?

Well, yes! But this is the situation with so many people who are not far away but very close to us.

Sometimes they don’t share their anxiety or loneliness, they fear telling someone. What if someone makes fun of their loneliness? What if people just don’t understand it? Or, they just can’t help it. It would be a total waste of sharing feelings and they might feel embarrassed about it.

As per HuffPost India, “Lack of social interaction can bring up despair in an individual’s life. This can further lead to depression. Loneliness in a person’s life can lead to psychosis, but that doesn’t happen so often. Depression is the most common result.”

The loneliness epidemic is not just in text. It is very much true. A real phenomenon that is growing a lot especially amongst the working millennial population.

There are some common reasons behind this issue- the millennials live away from their family and friends due to work, the work pressure and competitiveness is growing in the corporate world, and it’s not always possible to have your best people in the same city as you are living in.

If you happen to be there, how would you handle this situation?

Let me sort this for you!

Co-living is the best solution to tackle this rising problem. Co-living means community living which specifically addresses the issue of loneliness and affordability. It’s about building a community and not just a bunch of strangers sharing an apartment. There are plenty of events and things to do there that allow you to engage and interact with others.

Family home activities concept. Happy boy and girl with parents playing board games with cards and dices in living room. For entertainment, togetherness, having together topics

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In Co-living spaces, you can have some fun in the gaming area to play a game of snooker with your fellow residents or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your fellow buddies in the café. You can plan and watch a movie or the latest Netflix series together in the common area. You can even find your gym mate while working out for your fitness goals.

Co-living spaces have a lot to offer you and bring interest and excitement to your lives. You can also be a part of a lot of events like promote cohesive living, attend art classes, zumba classes, workshops, influencer meet-ups, weekend parties, and more.

Millennials are going to love it. At the end of the day, they also want to have some fun and share a laugh with others after a hectic and boring day of work.

Living in a vibrant place while striking up conversations with others, playing games, exercising, and watching a movie together can make all people happy and enthusiastic.

You get a good chance to develop bonds with other people, forge meaningful relationships, and stay happy from within.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring joy, energy, and cheerfulness in your life.

Try Co-living spaces to combat the loneliness epidemic and stay happy!

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