How Roomsoom Can Provide You The Best PG in Noida To Work From Home?

Due to the growing risk of the Coronavirus Pandemic, several companies in Noida and other states have allowed their employees to Work from Home for the last 2-3 months. As the situation is still grim and for an uncertain period, so some of these companies have no issues with employees continuing with Work from Home to ensure their safety from COVID-19. This is a great decision taken even after the upliftment of the lockdown restrictions.

However, working from home doesn’t guarantee the safety of the employees from the virus, but still it contributes significantly to the prevention and further spread. People need to ensure to take preventive measures recommended by the WHO to stay safe and protected from the virus.

For all those young students and working professionals who are living away from their hometowns, getting a safe PG accommodation is of utmost importance in these tough times. You need a PG in Noida that offers you full comfort and safety.

At Roomsoom, we are ready to help you in this situation. We can provide you an ambiance that is safe from Coronavirus infection and is suitable to cater to all your Work from Home needs.

PG in Noida

Here are a few reasons that explain how we can provide you the best PG in Noida to Work from Home-

Hygienic and Safe

PG in Noida

Ensuring basic hygienic practices and cleanliness is something we don’t compromise with. We have a dedicated staff and professional caretakers in all our PGs who takes care of this. They have become more cautious regarding the maintenance and daily housekeeping work since the inception of the pandemic.

Our staff takes care of all the necessary precautions to be taken and uses disinfectants to keep all the rooms, washrooms, and common areas clean. So, while living with Roomsoom, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning and maintenance work, and you can completely focus on your work.

Healthy and Delicious Food

These days people are struggling to get essentials and ration shops are flooded with customers as a result of ‘panic buying’. You can avoid being a part of this mess by living in a PG provided by us. We serve delicious and healthy food to our residents 3 times a day! So, there’s no need to hassle and stand up in long queues to buy ration. We’ll provide you food for all your cravings.

This also helps you with your Work from Home. With our 3 times meal service, you don’t have to worry about taking out time to cook food for yourself and compromise with your work.


PG in Noida

Your privacy is assured in all the PG in Noida provided by us. No matter, if you opt for a single or sharing room, you can stay comfortably while focusing on your work from home. All our caretakers at Roomsoom are aware of the rules and they assure complete privacy to the residents. There are no interruptions, no noise, and no loud music. So, feel free to get your own space to work from home.

High-Speed Internet

PG in Noida

We offer you an unlimited and high-speed Wi-Fi connection so that you don’t feel any trouble or hindrance in doing Work from Home. A smooth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection provides you relief and comfort to complete your work within the assigned timeframe. Not only this, with an uncompromised Internet connection, but you can also chill while binge-watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video during weekends. There will be no issue of data shortage.


The restrictions of the lockdown have been uplifted by the governments, but the corona scare persists. So, if your organization gives you the chance to continue work from home, make sure to not compromise with your productivity and give your best. You can do this simply by living in an ideal PG in Noida that allows you to focus on your work and takes complete care of providing you the essentials in these difficult times.

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