How to Avoid Fights with Your Roommate

It is hard to imagine life without a roommate when you are living in a room on rent, basically, away from family, as a roommate is the one who makes your life easier and is there to help in tough times. Think about that awful breakup time when you had your roommate’s shoulder to cry and how he/she helped you move on with a couple of fags, a number of cups of coffee and long cheerful talks.

With all the perks of having a roommate comes some cons too as it is quite natural to get into a fight. Even it’s easy to indulge in a fight over petty issues too. So, it’s important for you to decide what issues are worth fighting for or what can be avoided and petty issues should be avoided because they can cause a great damage to your relationship with your roommates. Here are some tips that’ll help you avoid the fights:

Draw Lines

Let your roommate know about the stuff you don’t like or prefer. For instance – Tell your roommate if you don’t like others using your makeup kit or other personal things without asking you. It’s better to inform rather than fighting over it later.


Talk it Out

Whenever you sense a little tension in the air then just talk it out instead of waiting for it to naturally go away, trust me, it won’t go away like that, in fact, it will grow more. So it’s better to resolve your issues as early as you can.


Plan the Working List

With home comes a lot of household work that should be divided between you and your roommate equally. So plan out who will be doing what on what days like who’ll purchase the grocery or who will do the cleaning/dusting.


Sleepover with Friends

Discuss it with your roommate before inviting your friends for a sleepover because that may cause discomfort to your roommate and his approval is important as he is paying the half of the rent. Try to convince your roommate and he is not convinced then shift your plan to somebody else’s flat or anything.



No Chocolate Rule

It is advisable to not to eat your roommate’s expensive jar of chocolates until he/she offers it to you himself/herself. It’s a must follow rule especially if that roommate is a she.


If the above-suggested tips are followed carefully then nothing can go wrong and fights can be easily avoided. By the way, there’s nothing better than a caring roommate.

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