How to Find Best PG in Bangalore?

Nowadays, most of the people migrate to a different town or city in search of a better lifestyle. People migrate for better education, facilities, and job opportunities. Individuals who migrate the most are those who come from small towns and areas that are not widely popular and lack in providing better living standards for their population. Bangalore is one such place that receives a lot of migrated people. It is a big city and is well-known as the Garden City of India. Bangalore is home to several IT companies and MNCs so it is no less than a dream for every youth to explore the beautiful city and settle there with a high paying job. Single people who migrate usually prefer to find a PG in Bangalore because they are relatively cheaper and provide the basic facilities required by single girls and boys.

Facilities such as home-cooked food, laundry, safety, washing and cleaning facilities, clean drinking water are provided by the PGs at affordable rates for the students or the working people. While married people who migrate prefer to go for either PGs or Flats.

Going to a new city has its benefits but it brings with it a lot of struggle as well. As the first thing necessarily required by everyone is a suitable place a stay and it is not an easy task to find it. People especially students suffer because they need a good and safe place to stay and that too at affordable rates. Stepping out of homes is also difficult for people because it brings them out of their comfort zone. PG in Bangalore provides rooms on sharing basis as well as individually to students. The shared rooms allow you to pay less rent so bachelors and singles often seek these.


  • Marathahalli is a reasonable and affordable place to find a suitable PG in Bangalore. It is mostly preferred by IT professionals living in Bangalore.
  • They provide rooms for PGs on a shared and individual basis.
  • It is located in the suburbs of Bangalore city closer to HAL airport.
  • This area is easily accessible from the Electronic City, Whitefield, Domlur, and other
  • Transportation is easily available from this place to reach any other area of Bangalore.
PG in Bangalore


  • The cost of living in this area is moderate.
  • The PGs of this area provide all the basic facilities to singles.
  • It is located in the southeast of the millennium city of Bangalore.
  • It is widely considered as a cosmopolitan area as people from different backgrounds and hometowns live here.
  • It provides proper transportation and connectivity to people and links roads of the Electronic city, airport road, Intermediate ring road, Hosur road, etc.
PG in Bangalore


  • The cost of renting PG in Bangalore is reasonable here for students.
  • It is a popular area for getting accommodation as it offers affordable and variety of housing options for house hunters.
  • This area is closer to many shopping malls, popular food joints, and hospitals in Bangalore.
  • This area lacks behind somewhere in connectivity with other roads except the Outer Ring Road.
PG in Bangalore

Indira Nagar

  • The cost of living here is relatively high. The PG accommodations are rented here with the price of at least Rs8000/ month for a shared room.
  • They provide very comfortable and cozy spaces for staying along with several basic amenities.
  • This area is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city and is surrounded by many posh areas.
  • It provides suitable connectivity with easy access to the major IT hubs of Bangalore.
PG in Bangalore

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