How to Find Best PG in Delhi?

Delhi is considered as the heart of our country. Every year so many students and job seekers come here to fulfill their dreams and begin a new life. The dream of getting quality education from well-established institutions of eminence is seen by most of the young minds. Also, many people prefer to work and settle in Delhi due to the enormous job opportunities provided here. There are multiple options of courses and institutions available for students. The teachers in Delhi are usually well- trained, professional and hold qualitative education, and experience. Also, students who are preparing for competitive government exams prefer to step out of their homes and small hometowns to get into the competitive environment of studying provided by Delhi. If you are a college student or a working professional, you must be looking for accommodation such as a flat or PG in Delhi.

PG in Delhi


Every person expects and desires a lot of things while looking for a PG. PGs are no less than a home for students because they tend to spend a lot of their precious time there. A sound, convenient, peaceful, comfortable environment and surroundings are desired by all while looking for a PG. As Delhi is a big city so many PGs are available at important and popular locations which are near to colleges, universities, markets or corporate hubs. Finding the right home as per a person’s needs and preferences is a little difficult as so many factors have to be considered before selecting a certain place to stay.

Due to the high demand for accommodations, flats are usually priced high and so people go for PGs as they are relatively cheaper and affordable. Here is a list of certain factors that you can consider while opting for a PG in Delhi.

PG in Delhi
  1. Rules: PGs are usually lent after signing the rental agreement between the owner and the tenant. The agreement includes a set of rules that has to be followed by the tenant and any compromise in the rules brings fine or penalty upon the tenant. Sometimes the owners include unnecessary rules and demands in the agreement so before signing it, a tenant must carefully read it before agreeing to follow them.
  2. Transportation: A convenient public transportation facility is extremely important for every person. At the time of selecting a PG in Delhi, you must check if a proper transportation facility is available in the selected area. This is because transportation greatly affects your time and efforts and also enhances the costs if it is not available easily.
  3. Facilities: While selecting a PG accommodation, you must get the details about the amenities such as food, drinking water, housekeeping, laundry services, Wi-Fi, etc. that are provided by PGs generally. Also queries regarding additional bills and costs such as electricity bill, water bill, etc. must be cleared at the beginning itself.
  4. Price: Price is an important factor while choosing a PG in Delhi. So always compare the costs of PGs in different areas and the same areas and the facilities that they provide at a given price. This helps to get accommodation at the best price possible.
  5. Location: Before renting a PG in Delhi, make sure that its location is safe and easily accessible. The security arrangements for tenants or students must be checked beforehand to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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