How to Find Best PG in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is known as one of the Millennium cities of India. It is a part of the NCR region and consists of a population of around 1.7 million people. A lot of MSMEs and MNCs have set their presence in Gurgaon. They are providing numerous jobs to people and especially the youth and also generating career opportunities for them. Due to this many people are migrating to the millennium city in the hope of finding good and high-paying jobs. This has increased the demand for PG in Gurgaon. Mostly the PGs are demanded by the office-going people. Finding a PGcan be difficult at times. Different people have different preferences and needs so sometimes it takes a bit too much time to find a suitable place. Also, finding a place to stay is an important decision as it is for long term purpose.

PG in Gurgaon

No one wants to switch places every short time as it is a tough task and involves a lot of struggle. So people usually prefer to lend homes where they can stay for a long time. PGs are usually preferred on a shared room basis because they are found to be cheaper than the individual ones. Here are some tips for all of you who are looking to find the best PG in Gurgaon.

Note down your requirements

The House-hunting process should be started with the clarity of requirements in your mind. So think and note down what are the basic things that you want in a PG. This is an important task because everyone has some basic needs and it is good to consider them while looking for a PG. It will save you from getting inconvenienced later. Also, it will help you to eliminate some accommodations easily from your list that doesn’t suit your criteria and move on to the ones which are desirable and useful. Some PG in Gurgaon also provider group discounts for students or working professionals. The discount encourages students to come to a group of friends and get accommodated at a commonplace.

Select the Location

While searching for a PG, make sure which locations would suit you and your office address. This will help you save a lot of time in traveling and will remove the need for incurring additional costs on travel. Also, while considering the location, ensure that it is safe and secured for living. The few lucky ones might get to find accommodation close to their working place. PG in Gurgaon is priced differently according to their specific locations and the facilities provided by them.

PG in Gurgaon


After selecting or shortlisting a few locations in your mind, you can start researching for rooms and PGs online or offline. There are many trusted websites available online which are providing credible and affordable PGs in Gurgaon and other cities. These websites ease a load of students and working professionals in finding a suitable PG accommodation at a certain place. Also, some of them are providing rooms without charging any brokerage fees so there is no fear or requirement of paying commissions.  You can also take the help of your friends or seniors who are already staying as a PG in Gurgaon. This way it won’t be really hard to find a place in a short time.

PG in Gurgaon

Pay a visit

Finally, you can pay a visit to the PG that has been shortlisted by you through the online portals. You can also contact the owners whose numbers are usually provided on the web to fix the time of your visit. Make sure you always visit and compare a few PGs before finalizing the best one.

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