How To Manage Your Expenses In A PG?

Now we can easily keep a track of your expenses in a PG and it is only possible if you keep the track of your finances and this is possible as we are into the digital world, it has been enormously simplified. Now with just at a click of a button we can simply the paperwork and it can be done online.


Not sure where to begin from?  Here are the some of the ways that you can follow and manage your expenses when you are staying in a PG/Flat/Room.



  1. Open A Bank Account Online: Now you can easily open a bank account while sitting in your PG/Flat/Room. You just need to visit the bank’s website, fill up your request form with your Adhar Card details and with some basic information. Once this is done and customer Id is created and an account number is generated. Once the procedure is done than the bank will send someone to your place for verification.


  1. Opt for online Saving Schemes: Now you can open an online fixed deposit at those banks in which you do not have an account. Moreover, many banks offer the facility of opening an account at zero balance. You just need to visit the website and fill a form with the basic details. You will then have to provide details for your other bank account, to which the interest and maturity will be transferred.
  1. Get Insured, digitally: Buy insurance policy online and it will help you to compare them before you make an informed choice. You can also open an e insurance account, which will help you keep track of all your insurance policies. Choose from four insurance repositories- National Securities Depositary Limited(NSDL), Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), Karvy Insurance Repository and Central Insurance Repository Limited. An insurance repository is a government – licensed company that maintains data of policies in an electronic format. You just need to submit some of your details such as email id, PAN, and Adhar Card. And once the KYC is approved, you will get your account details.
  1. Use Mobile Apps: Internet is banking is very beneficial for many reasons, you can pay your bills online. Moreover, you can easily transfer your money and check your account balance. Now you do not have to worry about bank holidays.


If you keep in mind these steps then I am sure that you will able to manage your expenses while staying in PG/flat/room. You can also follow these steps if you are planning to take PG on rent. Find the best PG/flat/rooms with Roomsoom in NOIDA, DELHI, and GURGAON.



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