How to Organize Bedroom Without Mom

It’s easy when you are living with family and your mom is always there to take care of your messy room. She very neatly organizes your clothes, books, and other stuff. But what about the time when you have to leave home and live in a flat for rent because of the job change or for studies. At that time each and every responsibility falls on your back and organizing room becomes the least important thing to worry about.

But if you see it from the other way then you realize the importance of organizing home as a messy room can lead to anxiety and some other health issues. So, here are some tips that can help you organize your home fast or make it less messy:

Easy tips to organize bedroom-


First and foremost thing you should do is toss the expired or empty cosmetic containers into the bin. And instead of placing those on every table in your room consider bathroom cabinets to arrange them inside or dressing table.



Neatly arrange books on a bookshelf in order according to their height instead of constructing a building by randomly putting books over one another. Consider lending some of your already read books to your friends.



Instead of dedicating a separate place for your entire clothes like- shirt, dresses, denim, skirts, try hanging the pair together. To make your closet look less messy and more organized. Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear, you can also donate them to the needy.


Tiered Cart

Put a small tiered cart beside your bed that has around three or four level of storage. So, whenever you are tired and don’t want to get up from bed just put the things on it instead of tossing them around you. But remember to clean it up in the morning. You can also move this cart wherver you want to utilize it. It’s lightweight and has tires that make it easy to move.



Get an ottoman for the room that has space inside for storage. You can store things like bedsheets, pillows, and duvet in a spacious ottoman other then this ottoman has a lot to offer you can keep it in your bedroom or use it as a table or put it in front of your dressing table so you don’t have to stand every time you are doing makeup. Plus, ottoman looks fantastic with their soft and velvety fabric.



Put the laundry bag outside your bedroom maybe be in a washing machine or bathroom.  The moment your clothes touch the brim of the bag, get them washed and ironed. Keeping the dirty clothes unwashed for a long time is very unhygienic and they also ooze out the bad odor.



There’s nothing better than a neatly made bed with properly spread bedsheets and comforter. It’s kind of very important for a good night sleep. Yes, it takes a little effort to neatly spread the sheets but in the end, it’s worth the efforts.


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