Importance of Girl’s Education

Education has become an important factor in our life today. It is partially true that we are incomplete without education. The ability to learn, read, and write is what makes a person capable of doing great things and achieving their goals. When it comes to talking about girl’s education, it is even more important because education impacts women and their life positively. It gives them the wings to rise high, be strong, and follow their dreams. It gives them the chance to realize their worth, become independent, and do not bow down against the patriarchal society. According to a report submitted by UNESCO, even today around 130 million girls between the age group of 6 to 17 do not get the chance to go to school. It is also said that a country cannot progress much if its women are underrepresented and not actively participating in the economy.

girl's education

Challenges to Girl’s Education


Girl’s often faced several challenges that restrict their ability to go to school. One of the most common challenges is poverty and low family income. Poor and lower-middle-class families usually prefer to send their sons to school instead of daughters. They have the mindset that a girl is destined to look after domestic stuff and get married. So they prefer to keep their daughters at home and groom them with household work to prevent themselves from spending any penny on their girl’s education.

However, this doesn’t go with all the lower-income families. People are changing their mindset and some of them have started giving importance to their daughter’s education. They are allowing them to pursue studies according to their wishes. These people are leading not only their daughters but also our country towards progress.

Child Marriage

Another challenge is the constant problem of Child Marriage which is active in several parts of our country especially around villages. A recent study has reported that around 15 million girls are married each year before reaching the minimum age for marriage that is 18 years. Child marriages force these girls to either stay at home doing housework or help their husbands by earning a living. Their personal growth and development is restricted in this process and they are forced to live according to the wishes of their husbands and their family.

girl's education

Reasons for Educating Girls

  • To raise the economic status of women around the country which will, in turn, lead to the economic development of our country.
  • To empower women to realize their potential and bring it up to their work. It will allow them to become independent and work outside without any restrictions or limitations.
  • To raise their standard of living in terms of social, and health factors. Educated women can contribute in reducing the child mortality rate.
  • Girls are usually the future mothers of any society. If they are educated, they will give priority to their children’s education as well. It will bring up a positive change in society and inspire other women as well to follow the same.
girl's education

Significance of Girl’s Education

Girl’s education has also been proven to be an important factor for global development. Research has shown that improving standards of girl’s education can lower down the level of poverty and improve health. It will improve the lives of women and other people who are associated with them. Girl’s education also helps in reducing the inequality that is waving at a drastic level in our country. It will challenge the patriarchal society to change their mindset and move ahead with time. This is because modern society needs to give up on all the traditional believes that are creating hindrance in making life better and happier.

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