Proven strategies to increase memory

It is a proven fact that as human ages, his ability to remember things degrades and thus, memory is affected. But studies have shown that adult brain too can be incredibly adaptive and can grow new cells. But it is not a magical activity, one needs to work on it. Like working on your body makes it attractive, similarly, the way you work on your brain makes it prone to learning new things. Some scientifically proven tips that can help you boost memory are:

1. Be active

Indulging in physical activities is not only good for your body, but for brain as well. Doing even moderate exercise like aerobics and light cardio and weight training can help protect memory. One should exercise at least 45 minutes daily.

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2. Let your brain work-out

Doing mental work is equally important as the physical work. Solve crosswords, puzzles, maths logic questions etc. to improve cognitive skills and boost memory.

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3. Learn a new language

Besides native language, learn and explore some other languages. A study published has shown that being multilingual helps in achieving word learning accuracy and can also help prevent Alzheimer’s.

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4. Keep a tab of what you eat

Almonds are actually good for your brain and so are omega-3s healthy fats which help in brain development and growth. Antioxidants in fruits and veggies also restrict aging of the brain.

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5. Avoid narcotic habits

These things not only harm your body but also brain. They impair memory, reduce response time and affect learning. Stay away from all kinds of narcotic habits.

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6. Stop mugging, start visualizing

We humans have this tendency to mugging things up. So, start visualizing with images, visuals to understand the things better. It improves our intellectual thought of process.

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7. Get a sound sleep

Sleep is one way to reduce stress, repair internal body damages and make your brain healthy as lack of sleep can affect memory, learning etc.

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So, next time you think that almonds can only be an option to boost your memory or you fear that aging might worsen your memory, remember these tips and start implementing.

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