Reinvent diwali this season without sound and smoke


So the festive season is upon us, and one of the most important festivals of India, Diwali is on its way, important as it marks as a victory of good over evil, in honor to Lord Rama Chandra who returned to ayodhya after a 14 year of exile.

Time has changed now and so is our lives, technology has played a crucial role in recent times, some traditions has been altered gradually with time and so is the  behavior and our way of thinking , but one thing we still stuck at is some rituals which we blindly follow without understanding the consequences of the same. Why to keep following such rituals that do nothing but harm the environment? Yes I am talking about firecrackers here, a ritual which unfortunately, has become a vital part of Diwali in recent years.

Excessive use of firecrackers is a common thing every Diwali, and a result, last year Delhi experienced the record breaking air quality index of averaging 460, remember, everything over 450 is classified as severe and dangerous. China announces a ‘red alert’ if air quality pitch up to this kind of level.

So it was quite clear that some action must be taken towards this, and so the Supreme Court did, and banned the use of firecracker on Diwali this year. Although with this decision, some people would be a little sad and kids would be heartbroken, but don’t you think this was a much needed step? We should take an initiative for the environment ourselves and this might be the first step towards this. So Let us reinvent Diwali with lights without sound and smoke.

Today I would like to discuss how we can celebrate a safe and better Diwali without the use of firecrackers.


  1. Rejoice with your loved ones

There is nothing in this world that can be as good as to spend some quality time with your loved ones, your family, relatives, cousins, or your best friends. Get together with them and enjoy every minute of this wonderful occasion. Get along together and play some games, do karaoke, share some old memories and have a good dinner together.


  1. Exchange gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts? Gifts are something which one cannot refuse to take. Predicting what’s inside and the excitement to unwrap those shiny plastics is a feeling that is unmatchable. Exchange gifts like clothes, chocolates, dry fruits or traditional sweets like son papdi and gulab jamun. Or just make some special gifts on your own for your loved ones. Handmade gifts does have a nourishing touch. Doesn’t it?



  1. Contribute towards the unprivileged ones

It always feel good to help the poor, to feed the poor, and on this beautiful occasion why not donate some blankets , clothes, or some useful accessories to them for their better livelihood and lifestyle. It’s not a hidden fact that when you help others, something touches your heart, you feel good and astonishing.


  1. Decorate

Decorate your house with beautiful traditional diyas and light up your homes with utter delight. But say no to the electric diyas or those electric long wall lights. Remember, old is gold, those old oil lamps with cotton still works like a charm. Fill your house with a lot of diyas and experience the magic.


  1. Laxmi Pooja

The most important rituals during Diwali and rightly so. Laxmi Pooja is done as to spread wealth and prosperity around the house and to keep ourselves away from all kind of negative energies and vibes. So get along with your family and do laxmi Pooja together, and light an oil lamp in front of maha laxmi on this auspicious occasion.


  1. Plant a tree

Give something to the environment, to the society. We are well aware of the situation in our country .Pollution is rising day by day and so are the harmful effects linked with it, and for the prevention, we all can take a step ourselves this Diwali by planting a tree, and why just Diwali, we can do this in our free time every now and then and contribute something from our side to the environment.


Wishing you a very safe and better Diwali this year with all these tips and say no to crackers.

Don’t be disappointed with the ban of firecrackers as everything happens for good and this surely is good for everyone, be it for the health of people, for the  animals that get tortured with the use of firecrackers and of course for the environment.

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