Skin care tips to protect your skin from harsh winters this season

Chilling winters with snowy winds outside can give your spine chill with an extravagant view outside but are also harsh on your skin. People with dry or oily skin are the worst hit during this season but some daily routine practices can give your skin enough courage to fight these winters.

We’ll present you with some amazing skin, care, and health care tips for winters in parts with this very first part dealing with skin care tips.

Let’s have a daily skin care routine which one must follow during winters, especially oil and dry skin people:


  1. Cleanse your skin

Cleansing during winters is really important. People with dry skin should only cleanse once a day. People with oily skin must do so 3-4 times in a day with a mild cleanser. Don’t use warm water, instead go for lukewarm water.

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  1. Scrub your skin

Scrubbing I.e. exfoliation lets remove the upper layer of dead and dry skin cells which don’t allow the moisturizer to seep in. Moreover, it is also essential to prohibit the growth of ingrown hair which occurs in winters due to rubbing of extra layers against the skin.

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  1. Moisturizing

Moisturization must be done daily in winters for a smooth and glowing skin. Instead of going for thick creams, one can also use almond or extra virgin olive oil to moisturize without blocking pores. Use a deep conditioning night cream on hands and feet before you go to bed.

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  1. Avoid damp makeup

Avoid damp makeup as it can lead to clogging of pores. Instead, go for makeup containing dry and light ingredients. Carry lip balm with you to avoid chapped and dry lips on the go. Also, carry a moisturizer for long journeys.

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  1. Protect yourself

Don’t skip sunscreen even in winters as the harshness of the sun is the same, we don’t feel it much due to biting cold. Also, keep your skin as much covered as possible to let it not come in contact with the cold winds causing dryness.

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  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. Keep taking juices, coffee or tea, green tea, soups etc. This will help you in keeping yourself refreshed from inside and also help in making your skin glow more.

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So, we hope that these winters don’t prove to be nasty to your skin. Happy winters!

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