21 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you have a small bedroom, you must have tried to find small bedroom decorating ideas. You might have faced the difficulty of decorating and styling it. Not just you, but it is challenging for each one of us who has a small bedroom at home. One always feels short of finding the best ways to decorate a small room and make it look enchanting for the eyes.

From cool paint color to storage space, placing clever furniture pieces to making good use of the walls, a few smart tips on how to make good use of less physical space can make you go through this little problem. With this, you can make real the illusion of having a big room and staying there with your style statement.

Check out the 21 best small bedroom decorating ideas and change the complete look of your room. Now, it is time to make your room look like exactly you want it to.

1. Go for a feature wallpaper

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You can use a feature wall as a statement to decorate your small bedroom. The feature wall will add a flavor of boldness in the room making it more vibrant and exclusive. The overall wallpaper makes the room feel cramped, however, a big standout wall will act as a statement. This will also make the room look spacious. You can try wooden styled wallpaper as they look very classy.

2. Smart Storage System

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean having fewer clothes or accessories. When you have to manage storage in a small bedroom, you can use shelves and extra rails to get extra space to pop in your stuff. Using smart storage compartments that grab less space and give more, you can arrange your belongings in a better way.

Your clothes, books, accessories, and any other stuff will be sorted easily while keeping your room look tidy and organized. So make good use of having a wardrobe and opt for the smart storage system to make your life easier.

3. Use Fitted Furniture

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When you have less space in a room, you can use overhead wardrobes to add the storage space without impacting the physical space. The cupboards of the fitted wardrobe go across the bed and provide hidden and amazing places to you to store your belongings. The wardrobes are smartly fitted onto the walls in a way that they can store your clothes and accessories.

Besides this, the wardrobes look very elegant and unique. They give an innovative touch to your small bedroom and adds to the glamour of it. However, fitted furniture can be in other forms too. It could be a dressing table, shelves, etc. If you are looking for small bedroom decorating ideas, go for this one and you will be pleased later.

4. Use every corner of the room

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom might be small but it can be filled with character, color, and personal touch of yours. You can make good use of every corner in the room, by hanging small glittery lights above your bed or creating small bookshelves, right beside your bed.

You can get a small bed or sofa constructed as per the dimensions of the room to place the furniture accurately in the specified corner.

5. Bunker Beds

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

While they are usually used for kids, adults can try them too. If you have a relatively smaller space in your bedroom and if it isn’t enough for placing a big bed, switch to bunker beds. They are a great piece of furniture and the best way to save space in a small bedroom. The beds work well and are super comfortable to sleep on.

Moreover, bunker beds are also very unique and different. They aren’t used in every house so they may provide a very different and refreshing look to your bedroom. This way you can have some extra space left for other things to place on.

6. A large Statement bed

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

An alternative to bunker beds, you can use a large statement bed to decorate your small bedroom. It might sound weird to you. But yes, they look extremely cool! A big bed can work as a great statement piece for your room. It will enhance its look and decor. Also, you can always put on other furniture pieces around it, so there’s no problem with that.

You will also have the option to put your extra stuff underneath the bed as the under bed storage space will always be there. You can opt for buying a bed with several drawers to put in your belongings or go for the bed with fewer boxes, as you prefer.

7. Use Shelves

Use Shelves

Shelving is one of the most important parts of the small bedroom decorating ideas. Using some extra shelving, you can have more space to organize your books, magazines, plants, room decoratives, trophies, and photo frames. This way the wall space can be utilized efficiently and you can display your creative collections beautifully.

8. Use large windows

Use large windows

Large windows will allow some extra light to peep inside your small room. The extra light will make your room look much bigger and spacious. An extra window will not let you focus on the lower floor space. You will be more inclined to see the outer views and have a great time inside your room.

The extra sunlight in the morning will fall on your face and you can have a refreshing and soothing day ahead. So light up your life with some extra-large windows.

9. Light Colors

Light Colors

While looking for the best small bedroom decorating ideas, you can try using light colors all over your room. Light colors are the best way to maximize storage space or at least create the perception of having some. They look fresh and bright and enhance the vibrance of the room. Colors such as grey, white, off white, soft and baby pink will make your room look bigger and better.

10. Use colorful accessories

Use colorful accessories

By using colorful decorative material and accessories such as ceiling lights, flower pots, wall art, posters, paintings, etc, you can add a colorful touch to your room. You can also use small pieces of furniture like a bedside table, a small cupboard, etc to add on to the decor. The accessories will bring a vibrant touch to the emptiness of your room.

This way even a small bedroom would be able to look beautiful and optimally utilized. It will complement every corner of the room which was otherwise lying vacant.

11. Use a dark color all around

Use a dark color all around

You can enhance the presence and feel of your small bedroom, by using a dark color in every corner. The use of a single color in the whole room will reflect the perception of having more space. So this way you will be less aware of where things start and end. It is a known fact that smaller spaces go well with darker colors.

The dark colors distract the eyes from the size of the room and you can feel comfortable about the space issue. People who are not sure about using a single color can use white color or the same color as complementary. However, it must be used with a lighter shade than the wall color.

12. Storage Space Under Bed

Storage Space Under Bed

It is a great way to bring some extra space into a small bedroom. For this, you can buy a bed with an underneath storage space. These beds are a great option to hide your extra clothing and accessories and keep your room organized. The storage bed could be with either drawer or with ottoman lift.

You can also buy separate wheeled drawers if the bed doesn’t fall under your budget. The wheeled drawers can slide under the normal bed and will work the same way. However, don’t forget to check the gap between the floor and the bed.

13. Multi-purpose beds

Multi-purpose beds

Strategic styling is significant when you are decorating a small bedroom. So a good way is to find a bed that can serve multi-purposes for you. The bed must indeed be comfortable to have a good night’s sleep each night, however, finding a bed that has some extra storage is good too.

The extra storage space on the bed can be used to decorate your stuff and place things nicely. You can use the extra space like a bookshelf. You can also use it to keep your alarm clock, trophies, photo frames, lampshades, and much more.

14. Classic Mirrors

Classic Mirrors

If you are looking for the top small bedroom decorating ideas, consider using antique and classic mirrors in the room. Mirrors work as a great statement piece and look very charming on the walls. And when the mirrors are antique or classic, they look even better. You can use mirrors on your wall or they can be fitted into the furniture.

Mirrors reflect light and so they will make your room look bigger and better. It will provide brightness in the whole room. Don’t fear to choose different shapes, styles, and sizes of mirrors to put them on in the room. Play around with your choice of mirrors and look for the one that describes you the best.

You can choose small rounded mirrors, hanging mirrors, the floor-length mirrors, or anything else that you like. The more mirror you use, the brighter your room will be.

15. Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelving is a great idea to opt for if you are searching for the best small bedroom decorating ideas. It can save you some additional space to keep your other stuff organized even in a small room. The added wall space or the built-in shelves will give the space to flaunt your flower pots, books, pictures, ornaments, and any antique pieces.

It is a great option to go for if you don’t have space for a full standing cabinet. The built-in shelving also saves your money and looks stylish at the same time.

16. Keep your bed against the window

The wall space is very significant in a small bedroom. By keeping your bed against the window, you can save some space beside the wall. Also, it will look much better for a small-sized room.

17. Use big but few Furniture pieces

It might seem weird but decorating a small space with only a few large pieces of furniture is a good idea to go with It can, in fact, make your room look bigger than it is. It also prevents your room from looking disorganized and cramped. So resist the urge to keep all of your furniture inside a small bedroom and make it stylish with fewer furnishings.

18. Nightstand

It is complicated to find the right size of the nightstand for a small bedroom. When you have a small room, the space is very limited, so you have to be more creative. Some items can go extremely well with this such as a sofa table behind the bed, a slim table for laptop, stacks of books.

19. Put things on the Floor

Stay down to earth and go frameless. Be closer to the ground and put some of your belongings on the floor only. The bedroom will look good if you organize the things neatly on the floor and will look different too. It will look simple yet lavish and encourage wellness and inner peace.

20. Switch to Foldables

If you use a foldable piece of furniture, you can save a lot of extra space for your small bedroom. Foldable pieces are easy to handle and take less space. Whenever you need them, you can simply open them and when you don’t just put it aside in a corner of the room. They are slim and make little mess. With foldable pieces, you can manage things easily in a tiny room and have the extra space for yourself.

If you have a small bedroom, you can use colors to define it in your way and make it look beautiful. However, it is well said that white color makes the room look spacious and bigger but it isn’t necessary that you have to go with white. Pick out other colors that you like and can look good in your room.

21. Use colorful pillow covers

To add color, you can use vibrant throw pillows in your room. The amazing things about pillows are they are necessarily used for comfort and they look good too. You can buy pillows in different shapes and colors.

You can use a mix and match combination. Also, store some in the under bed storage and keep on changing them every month or week to make your room look special and attractive. Have a great time playing with the throw pillows.

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