Things to keep in mind while signing the House Rental Agreement

After completing your quest of finding a suitable home on rent, you always need to seal the deal to make it legal and official. The House Rental Agreement is the legal document that binds the owner and tenant into a deal. The rental agreement specifies some essential rules, policies, and charges that a tenant agrees to. It includes points such as the monthly rent, security deposit, maintenance charges, parking facilities, lock-in period, duration of the agreement, amenities offered, allowances and restrictions, etc. So there are a lot of things that you need to understand and agree to before moving into your new house. Some people find it difficult to understand the rental agreement because of the complexity with which it has been made including legal clauses and sections. So let’s have a look at some of the key things that you must keep in mind while signing the Agreement. 

 House Rental Agreement

Property Details

The first thing that you must check in your House Rental Agreement is the complete address of the property. Make sure it matches the one that you have finalized. You can also check the details regarding the furnishings available in the room. Along with the property details, check out your personal details as well and the name of the parties who are involved in the legal document. You can research on the Internet to check out the available templates of the rental agreement to get an idea of what you need to sign and what not!

 Security Deposit and other charges

Make sure you check the amount of security deposit and monthly rental charges mentioned by the landlord in the agreement. It will help you to clarify any of your doubts related to the payment at the earliest.

 House Rental Agreement

Amenities, Repair, and Maintenance charges

Make sure to check the amenities offered, repair and maintenance charges mentioned by the owner. Do not spend from your pocket if the owner has promised to pay for the maintenance in the agreement. As every house needs some repair work in a short time so it must be done according to the terms of the House Rental Agreement.

 House Rental Agreement


If you are a bachelor or single, then you must check for the allowances for the tenants. It will help you to avoid having a face-off or argument with your landlord later when you throw a party in your house, celebrate a birthday, come late from your work or college, invite your friends for night-stays or plan group studies, etc.

Term of the Agreement

Also, check the term or duration of the agreement. Although it is usually specified that the owner can always ask the tenant to vacate the house by giving a 15 days or one month notice if there is a need but checking the duration makes the conditions clear. You also need to check the notice period that you are required to give to the owner if you wish to vacate the house.


So make sure you follow these guidelines and check them properly while signing your next House Rental Agreement to have a hassle-free stay at your home and avoid any kind of argument with your landlord while vacating the house. Also as the agreement is legal, so you can ask any senior person or anyone having the legal knowledge to check and confirm that the document is safe to be signed?   

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