Tips To Find the Best Roommate for a PG/Flat/Room

When we are moving to a new city then it is difficult to find a roommate for a PG.  Finding a roommate can be tough but sometimes feels immense. It’s important to find a compatible match. Before making a decision met with the variety of roommates. Think it over carefully before making a final choice. Here are the tips to find the best roommate for a PG.


1. Advertise Online: You can find a roommate for a PG/Flat/Room We have various portals to advertise like  Craigslist, Padmapper etc. Such sites will help you to find the right roommate for you.

2. Ask your friends: You can also ask your friends for the leads as they know your habits and lifestyle and they will help you with the guidance and help you to find the best compatibility.


3. Start Looking Early:   If you are living in a PG with the bad roommate then there are chances that you will live under stress. So find a roommate that matches your compatibility.


  1. 4. Provide as many details as possible: Before finding the roommate you must share all the details on the various portals as said mentioned above. The information must include the size of a room/pg/flat and must share the images of your pg. And if you work in night shifts, make sure you choose a roommate who’s a sound sleeper and will not be bothered by you coming and going at odd hours.


I will assure you that these tips will help you in searching the best roommate for your PG and if you are looking for PG in Noida and other places like PG in Delhi and PG in Gurgaon then you can contact


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