Tips to Get Back in Shape Post Diwali

Diwali is also a festival of sweets as it is a festival of lights. This festive season brings a lot of delicacies to your home given by your loved ones. The presence of these delicacies and sugary items makes it hard to resist them. And then the result is that we put on a lot of weight and calories. Due to the festive mood, it becomes really hard to control this increase in weight and you just can’t put yourself on a strict diet. Get together and parties are just not enough and the celebration makes you forget about your health. But if you don’t take out time to lose these extra calories, it will affect your health badly. While it is necessary to enjoy and have a lot of fun during the festive season but you must get back to your weight management program to get back in shape.


Here are the tips to lose weight:

Limit your calorie intake

You are not required to do fasting or anything to get back in shape. You just have to limit your calorie intake. You need to eat food that is low on carbs after short intervals. Eating more food at a given time leads to overeating and causes digestion problems. So after Diwali, you can limit your breakfast calories. Eat only fruits and have milk for your breakfast. You can also rely more on protein and fiber-rich food. Avoid eating sugary stuff.

Eat potassium-rich food items

Potassium is known as an important mineral for the body. It is even more important to eat potassium-rich food post-Diwali as it prevents alcohol absorption in the body. As many people have a habit of celebrating festivals with lots of drinks, partying, and wandering around so this will help to bring your health back to a stable position. Potassium will prevent your body from using alcohol to provide you energy.


Eat Smaller portions of food

Eating healthy food even in smaller portions can help you to increase your metabolism. It can help you significantly in your weight loss plan. Thus, eat six to eight smaller portions of food in a day. It will prevent you from overeating and will make you feel active and energetic. If you feel hungry, eat some fruits, cereals, or sprouts instead of fried food and other snacks.

Start Exercising

I know you must be missing the Diwali celebration and fun that you had with your loved ones but the festive time is over for now. It is time to pay attention to yourself. For that, you must start exercising to burn down the extra calories that you have gained. You can start by going for small walks daily and practicing yoga.


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