Top 5 Fashion Tips to Look Stylish at the Lowest Budget.

How to spend minimum money on your clothes and still look very fashionable for Indian. Now before we get to the actual tips when it comes to budget dressing, there are few ground rules you need to know. Firstly if you really want to look great you need to understand the color science, how to match your t-shirts with your paints.

Smart Wardrobe Creation1. Smart Wardrobe Creation: If you want to create a really fantastic fashionable looking wardrobe, it does not happen in one shot. You got to create it over time. Buy pieces of clothing at a certain period of time. The golden rule of shopping that I believe is that if you want to save money, only shop during sales. There are many online stores like Myntra, Flipkart or Amazon are actually competing with the outlet stores and the malls. So how do they compete with each other? that they both put discounts. Shop during sale season only. You need to remember that at certain points in the year, there are the sales in malls or online everywhere. You need to look out certain time in the year. What are those times? The end of June, beginning of July, end of Jan beginning of Feb and very importantly around public holidays or festivals.

Online Shopping2. Online Shopping: There are lots of great brands out there that cannot afford to be on a big website and they can’t afford outlet stores. A lot of guys are afraid of shopping online because they are afraid that the size of clothes might not accurate according to their own body type. The great thing about shopping online is that it is a very competitive sector, so the website you shop from readily exchange clothes.

Export Rejected Products3. Export Reject Products: Lot of big brands all over the world, have their manufacturing facilities in different countries like India, China or Indonesia and on a lot of times that clothes are manufactured in the bulk, some of the pieces in bulk, some of the pieces in bulk have some kind of fault in them. Basically a small piece of mistake in that piece of clothing. So when those are clothes are manufactured, the brand rejects some those pieces and where do that pieces go, they sold again in those countries. But more importantly, because they are such high brands, they last you for almost 4-5 years. When it comes to India, in every metro cities there is a lot of export reject stores like in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

Packs of Clothing4. Packs of Clothing: In online shopping, there are great brands that actually sell these packs of two or three shirts for the price of one. So, you will get like three great t-shirts on the price one t-shirts. So it is a great investment, especially for everyday casuals.

Washing Science5. Washing Science: You need to remember that the golden rule is that look at the label. It usually says machine wash only or hands wash only and that says a lot about that piece of clothing. Follow those rules that they have written for a reason. If you are washing a new piece of clothing and if you are supposed to wash it by hand, don’t use a clothing brush on that, it can absolutely ruin the texture of that piece of clothing. Also remember, drying out the piece of clothing and if it is new or if it is a gentle piece of cloth, don’t twist it. Twisting motion might help to dry out easily but it can absolutely ruin the piece of clothing and make a new piece of clothing look old. Instead, if you want to dry a piece of clothing, gently squeeze out the water from it.

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