Top 5 Kurta Wearing Tips for Men on this Diwali

Today we are going to talk about traditional wear for men. If you want to look handsome then there are some tricks and secrets. Before that, I want to tell you that you do not need to spend a lot of money on your clothes. In this blog, I am going to give you all the tips which are:

V neck kurta
  1. Avoid V-Necks: If you want to look sexy in Kurtas then always avoid V-necks. Kurtas are a formal dressing item and V-necks are casual dressing.
    flashy kurtas
  2. Avoid Flashy Stuff on Kurtas: If you are wearing a kurta, then flashy things should not be there and glasses should not be there. These all are feminist dressing sense but if you are a male then you should not wear shiny or glittery kurtas.
  3. Three Color Max for Kurtas: If you are wearing a kurta, you should not wear more than three colors.
  4. Kurta as per Physique: Choose a kurta that shows off your physique. If you are a skinny guy or you have a fit body, then your kurtas should be a little tight where your shoulder and chest show properly including your back. But if you are overweight then you can wear loose kurtas. Ideally always choose a kurta that enhances your physique, a slightly tighter kurta.
  5. Roll up your Sleeves: Kurtas are mostly a manly piece of clothing. So you should roll up your sleeves and expose your forearms. They add the look of kurta.

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