Top 7 mistakes made by First Time Travelers

Going out for travelling is admired and desired by a lot of people. Travelling allows us to see and explore new places, get new experiences, and feel free for a few moments. It brings us out of our otherwise monotonous and everyday busy working lives. But do you know a lot of tourists mess up things when they travel for the first time? This is because of the lack of awareness and over excitement that sometimes hampers the trip without you even realizing it. So the best thing before going to travel is to be prepared and research well. Many people are not even aware of the mistakes that they repeatedly commit while travelling. So here is a quick guide that will help you to avoid the top 7 mistakes made by first-time travellers. This will also help you to avoid losing your time and money.

mistakes made by first-time travellers

Under planning things and not researching

It is extremely important to research well about a place where you are planning to go for a vacation. With easy access to the Internet these days, this is such a simple task for everyone. Research helps you to finalize a place according to your interests and preferences and check out the popular destinations in a specific country or city. The research helps you to get important information about a place like a peak season to visit there. This also provides you an idea to book safe, secure, and comfortable accommodation in advance at your desired point. So when you go for your next travel, make sure you research it and prepare yourself a little bit.

Planning too much

Many tourists have a habit of over planning things and messing it up later. It is important to plan your trip but not over plan it because that might destroy the real feel and enjoyment of the place. Also, things do not always go as they are planned so you will surely face some of the obstructions at the actual place. Planning too much can also confine you to specific things that you have confronted on the internet or are referred to you by others. So to avoid the mistakes made by first-time travellers, always remember to plan your trip roughly and confine your planning to some specific places, hotels, and restaurants and keep enough spare time to add on things in it.

mistakes made by first-time travellers

Carrying too much stuff

Another mistake made by first-time travellers is over packing stuff. If you carry too much stuff along with you on your trip, you will miss a lot of fun. This is because you will spend most of your time in unpacking and repacking stuff. Also, all the places these days have stores for each and everything and they cater to the demands of the visitors effectively. So leave some things instead of over packing stuff and instead go shopping during your travel. It will also provide you the chance to explore the popular shopping hubs and market places of the tourist destinations.

mistakes made by first-time travellers

Missing out the culture of the place                                       

It could be difficult for tourists visiting a place the first time to experience the local culture of the place amongst so many tourist sightings available. This can also be impossible if you spend only a few days in each of the destinations. The local culture of any place is really important to see and experience otherwise you would miss out a lot. Exploring the local culture involves knowing and interacting with the local people and getting to know their history. A place is always closely associated with its culture especially a country like India which is full of traditions, beliefs, and has diverse cultures.

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Eating only familiar food

Another mistake made by first-time travellers is eating only familiar food. When you go out to travel to new places, you must try the local food or specialty of that place instead of sticking to the usual familiar food that you eat all the time. Make sure you try and order new dishes that are famous and recommended by others. If you feel confused about what to try, you can also ask the restaurant staff about their local specialty. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat your familiar food at familiar places. But what you need to do is to balance it with new and fresh food experiences along your tour.  

Not Estimating costs

This is another mistake made by first-time travellers very often. Not estimating costs before going for a trip is surely a bad decision. So whenever you plan to go travelling to a new place, you must calculate or estimate the expenses that have to be incurred on your trip. This helps you to plan the trip accordingly within your budget and analyze if the specific trip is suitable for you or not. Also, if you are planning a solo trip being a solo traveller, then it is essentially important to estimate the costs because in this situation you are all alone and cannot depend on others for help. While people who travel with a circle or group of friends still find it easy to manage the expenses due to the sharing of costs.

Avoiding Public Transport

In India, it is always recommended to use public transport as it is cheaper and easy to use. So while travelling to new places, always check and confirm the availability of public transport at your desired destination. This will help you to save a lot of your money that can be spent on something much better. Though hiring a taxi or cab might provide you a lot of comforts but they can essentially increase your expenses and can surpass your estimated budget for travel.

Also, by hiring taxis, you can miss a lot of things such as the local culture of the place and local markets. While people who run private transportation sometimes also try to dupe tourists and fool them to extract the unreasonable amount of money from them. So if you plan to travel to a new place next time, make sure you try to take public transportation if it is available and convenient for reaching your destination.


So these were the top 7 mistakes made by first-time travellers frequently. However, it is possible that people who are going at a place for the tenth time will also commit any of these mistakes. So have a look at these mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them. Also, share it with your friends and family and have a safe and fun travel journey whenever you go for it the next time.

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