Top IT Courses In Demand And Highest Paid


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing career in India is recognized as one of top five careers to look opt-in. the digital marketing is a way of marketing in which people used to sell their product or services on online platforms.  Today 40% of world population is using the internet so you can imagine how much crowd is using the internet. According to the Google trend data, digital marketing jobs and courses raised up rapidly. Digital marketing is all about getting traffic from different sources which include paid advertising, search engine optimization, social media optimization, emails etc. today, competition is very high but it’s still one of highest paid jobs in an industry. If you want to learn digital marketing it will take 3 – 4 months and required lots of practical’s. In a city, there are many institutes from where you can learn but I recommend that you should study by yourself, you can find study materials in google and lectures on youtube.

SQT (software quality testing)


Software quality testing is a procedure of testing a software by an automated script or software. This is the perfect way to enhance the efficacy & efficiency of software testing. The skills required to be a quality tester is Analytical skills, Communication skill, Time Management & Organization, Basic knowledge of Database/SQL, Basic knowledge of Linux commands, Knowledge and hands-on experience of a Test Management Tool, Knowledge and hands-on experience of any Defect Tracking tool, Knowledge and hands-on experience of Automation tool. You should have computer science academic background like bachelors in technology, bachelors in computer application, Master in computer application to pursue your career in SQT. The average salary of fresher SQT is around 3.1 LPA.




Cloud computing technology is evolving nowadays, so it would be better if you opt this technology as your career.  In AWS job profiles one has to create, deploy and manage cloud application in Amazon AWS web services. If you want to pursue the career in AWS cloud computing you should have a background in computer science. According to, the average salary in Bangalore is INR 397,015 for professional with AWS certification. The demand for professionals is rising and will remain be in trend for 2018 and 2019.


Database administration


Database of any company is a life for them, that’s why companies spend a lot on their database and their administration. The better is the design & usability of the database, the better organization is. You need to have a knowledge of different database design language like SQL. If you have a good knowledge of database industry needs you because the no. of jobs on database administration is high and peoples are less. The eligibility for this profile is a background from computer science background and sounding knowledge of database designing language. The average salary of a database administrator for fresher is around 4.5 LPA (according to payscale).


Mobile app development


Today 190 million people are smartphone user and out of this 60 % use android phones, 20% users are a windows user, 7% are IOS user. Now you can imagine the demand for a mobile app developer. Mobile app development used to design the application which runs on the mobile phone OS either it is android or windows or IOS. The eligibility required to make mobile app development as a career is, you should have knowledge of programming languages like C, C#, C++, Java etc. mobile app development contains two separate fields i.e. UI development, in which you have to develop only the UI of any application. Web service developer: in this field, you have to write codes for back software services. The average salary for App developer is 3.5 LPA.



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