Top Pro PUBG Players on YouTube who are Earning a lot from their Gameplay.

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online multiplayer action category game. It has become world-famous not only among the kids or teenagers but adults are also addicted to this game. Apart from entertainment, it has become a real source of income for YouTube’s. They are getting paid from ads on their videos, sponsorships, paid promotions and collaborations.

Here are some pro-PUBG players in Indian players who are rocking the YouTube:

Ajay Nagar Carry Minati Carryislive

Ajey Nagar: Ajey Nagar, 19 years old, is a Faridabad based Indian YouTuber, who has two channels named CarryMinati (6 million subscribers) and CarryisLive (1.7 million subscribers). He is not only a gamer or roaster, but he has also become a celebrity and collaborated with many videos.

Soul Mortal

Naman Mathur: Naman Mathur, 23 years old, is a Navi Mumbai based Indian Streamer, who has a channel named Mortal (1.2 million subscribers).

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Dynamo Gaming Roomsoom

Aadii Sawant: Aadii Sawant, 22 years old, is a Mumbai based Indian Youtuber, who has a channel named Dynamo Gaming (2.7 million subscribers) and won many tournaments in Mumbai.


Kunal Saraf: Kunal Saraf is a Delhi based Indian YouTuber, who has a channel named Gareebooo (640K subscribers) and managed a marketing company named Golden Owl Talent Management.

Cosmic YT

Inderpal Singh: Inderpal Singh, 24 years old, is a Chandigarh based YouTube streamer and a social media influencer, who has a channel named Cosmic YT (555K subscribers).

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