Which one is the best option: HOSTEL or PG

Talking about to the residence everyone having confusion about the same that which is the best option to stay either hostel or a paying guest. First of all, I would like to give you the proper difference between the same.

Hostel: It is the place where you can find different regions of people with different thinking. And I would suggest tha][t it is the place, especially for bachelors.

Paying guests: This is a place where you can find the d[]]ifferent families staying over here. This is almost similar to our home. Here you can live with other families.

PG in Noida

As we all know about that in India, we have a wide variety of hostels and PG’s if I talk about the major cities. Due to jobs and studies, most of the people are running towards the urban places. To fulfill the need for residence many hostels and PG’s are constructed and many keep going on. I would inform you that both PG and the hostels are better for accommodation.

But now I would share such things so that you can choose the best one. It all about your needs and what type of environment you want.

  • Safety: As we all know about the stealing and thieves. In both PG’s and the hostels we have securities, guards and mostly have CCTV cameras so there is no chance of outside stealers. So safety is the first thing that everyone wants. But if we talk about the internal problems, then you have the best option PG because in PG you should stay with your family there is no need to worry about the same. But in a hostel, you are sharing your rooms with someone else so it is riskier.
PG in Noida
  • Rent: According to the rents, PG is higher than the hostel. For middle-class persons and for individuals hostel is the best choice. And for family, paying guests is the better option for them.

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  • Maintenance: PG is providing better services than a hostel for housekeeping, cleaners, laundry, guards, etc
PG in Noida

As from above-mentioned ideas you can choose which option is best for you as I have mentioned the same that is only depends on your need and the environment you want. And there are many more ideas but the thing is that it only depends on your purpose and needs.

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