Why Choose PG Over Flat?

We have two types of residential formats one is paying guest accommodation and the other is flat. Both have their own pros and cons.  Before we opt for a pg or a flat we should know the difference between the two.

Key difference: Flat is an accommodation which means that the entire house is given to the tenant, whereas paying guests is an accommodation in which the guest is given a portion of the house and the owner will take care of the food and also the owner will provide you the basic amenities.  PG is usually preferred by the students or corporates and it will provide you with the food facility and it is accompanied by other services like cleaning etc.  But Flat is generally preferred by families as they need more space and also the privacy of the family is maintained. Flats have a higher rent as compared to PGs and if you are looking for a pg on rent then you can contact roomsoom. Let us discuss some of the points that will help you to decide which of the two is best suited for your needs.

PG over Flat
  1. Rent: In PG, we have less rent as compared to the flat whereas flat is costlier as they are more spacious Moreover, a flat is preferred by families and bachelors prefer paying guests as the cost is divided when we live in a group.
  2. Social Security: If you are living alone then it is preferred to live in a PG. In case of emergency, you are in safe hands. Also, you do not have to engage yourself in household chores and hence, you have more time for studies or other activities.
  3. Facilities: In PG, we offer basic facilities like A.C., refrigerator, tv and etc. That means you do not have to spend money on purchasing the items. Also, PG will provide you the wifi,  A.C., refrigerator, tv also which is missing in a flat. In the flat, you have to purchase the furniture and much more stuff.
  4. Food: Most of the PG will provide you the breakfast and dinner which means there will be no hassle of cleaning and cooking whereas in the flat you have to hire a cook and this will increase your monthly expense.
  5. Paying Bills: If you are staying in a PG, then you do not have to worry about the bills. It is included in the rent of PG whereas if you are staying in a flat then you have to pay your bills on your own.

We have many options of PG in Noida and in other places as well like PG In Delhi and PG In Gurgaon. If you are looking for the best pg in these locations then you can contact roomsoom.com.


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