A: Roomsoom is an Approach to remove brokerage. We are one stop destination for all those, who are searching an accommodation away from their home.

Yeah, we too hate brokerage and hence started a technology driven transparent company to change the tradition of brokerage from the system. We are here to protect you from brokers.

A: Why shouldn't you?

Yeah right!!

Roomsoom is providing you an opportunity to earn more with your vacant property. Multiple source of income is need of the time at the same time you are supporting someone who don't have a shelter to stay away from their home. And with partnering to Roomsoom, you are all in a good cause of removing those mediocre whom you don't like.

A: Once someone shows interest in your property, Roomsoom verification team gets activated. They will take care of all the verification process of tenant and if we find that tenant verified, then only he/she will enter into your premise.

A: WoW It's child's play!!

We tried to make the steps much simpler. Visit Owner's Login page, register yourself and submit your listing. It's this much easy.

Once you submit your listing, our verification team will verify your listing and it will be displayed for public search after approval. .

A: Say them thanks, who informed you this million-dollar information

Yeah true, we provide you fixed rents if your property meets our criteria.

A: If your property lies in High Demand Area, you are eligible for our Assured rental plan.

A: We transfer monthly income to owner's bank account on or before 10th of every month.

A: Roomsoom will charge 15 to 30% compensation for its services depending on business Model.

A: Roomsoom provides maintenance services, we will take care of your property.

A: Just do it now!!

Of course yes, you must refer your friends/relatives/colleagues and other acquaintances to Roomsoom. In this process, you are saving them from brokers and with our referral scheme, you will be benefitted a lot.